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Sass on Sunday — Sway

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I know some of you have seen this before, but I thought since I’m getting huge amounts of traffic from The Kristen Archives, I’d give the newcomers something to look at.

Please feel free to leave a comment, as I’m an attention whore who loves the feedback. I hope this Sunday is treating everyone well,

~ NS

Nudie Wednesday — Bejeweled

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The early morning light streams through the kitchen windows, the aroma of coffee filling the air as the pastries sit patiently on the black granite counter top. She was turned away from him, her question breaking the silence like a hammer smashing through a plate of glass. It was totally unexpected and out of the blue.

“So, what ever happened to that other blogger you mentioned some months back? Are you still in contact with her?” She placed a croissant in front of him, his eyes catching her silk robe opening slightly as she leaned forward. Yes, he thought to himself, they had been in contact, and more so of late. He had even called her a few times. They had grown closer over the last few months. For a split second he considered lying. He then thought better of it.

“Yes, we are in contact. Why do you ask?” He looked directly at her and saw a flash of something in her eyes. Curiosity? Possibly. But there was something more, something primal. Desire? Perhaps.

“I was thinking about her the other day, thinking that I’d like to get to know her, too. After all, who knows where this may lead? It has the makings of an adventure, and you know how much I love those.”

Her confession immediately sent him reeling, his mind scrambling all over each possibility. They were endless. Suddenly both women were naked and on their knees, tongues swirling over each side of his thick cock in unison. His face burned at the prospect, his erection straining in his pants, quickly bringing him back to reality.

“I’m sure she’d have no problem getting to know you. After all, she has confessed to me that she has often fantasized about the three of us being intimate together.” He was trying to remain as nonchalant as possible, but the idea of the three of them in the same proximity made the whole of his body sear with desire.

“Maybe you should ask her if she’d like to meet for dinner?” For once, he was both surprised and relieved by his wife’s confidence.

“I’ll see what she says.”

The idea of the meeting haunted him for the rest of the day, and later that night, Marianne brought her into the conversation again. This time, it was when he had his cock deeply buried inside her from behind.

“What does she sound like when she comes?” His wife’s gasps were beautiful, almost hypnotic as she received the full length of his cock.

“What makes you think I know?” He pushed further into her, her tightness wrapping around him, her hair cascading down her back, glistening in the half light. Her smooth ivory skin glowed as he rubbed his hands all over her back and thighs and over her rump.

“I know you, Nathan. You could quite literally charm the pants off anybody…”

He withdrew from her and flipped her over onto her back, her squeal escaping into the air. He placed one hand under her arse, the other in her hair, and entered her with force. She threw her head back along with her legs and moaned loudly as she once again took his cock fully within her.

“She sounds like a wanton whore when she comes, just like you do,” he hissed in his wife’s ear. His cock surged at the idea of their phantom lover climaxing, especially during one of their more intimate phone conversations. He would never forget the first time she came for him. Her gasps and moans and eventual screams were burned into his brain. He had replayed them over many times in his head while he had masturbated. His wife quivered underneath him as he pulled her hair back, exposing her neck. He kissed her on her cheek as he made his way to her throat and down to her left breast. His tongue flickered over the hardening peak of her nipple. This was the key to dipping her into bliss for the first time. He pounded into her as he lashed his tongue over her flesh.

“I want to see her make you come,” she whispered through gasps. ” I want to see her take all of your cock and explode while you’re buried deep inside her. I want to see your come all over her face while I’m there to lick it off. I want to see her bring you ultimate pleasure.” He picked up his pace, his cock driving into his wife’s soaking pussy. All he could think about was fucking Carmen, a beautiful stranger that he yearned to know more of, everyday, obsessively, and now his wife had joined his fantasy. It was at that realization that he came deeply inside his wife, his face buried in her auburn locks, legs entwined in damp sheets as he silently mouthed the stranger’s name.

It was later the next day he emailed Carmen to tell her of the new developments. Surprisingly, she seemed content with the first meeting being a threesome rather than a more personal affair between the two of them.

“Why not, Nathan? I still get my hands on you. To be honest, your wife sounds like a wanton woman, and you know how much I love to get my hands on one of those…”

He smiled like the cat who had swallowed the canary.

Nudie Wednesday — Mischief

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Music for Monday — Soft Shock, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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