Nudie Wednesday — Bejeweled

17 Responses to “Nudie Wednesday — Bejeweled”

  1. Easily Aroused Says:

    Lovely choice of image, mademoiselle. But isn’t it meant to be of *you*? Of course, I may be wrong – but don’t let that deter you from recreating this particular shot with yourself as the model….

    • EA, I believe you are getting my ‘Nudie Wednesday’ confused with the increasingly popular ‘Wanton Wednesday’ amongst bloggers.

      And next time you want a raunchy image of me, just ask.

      • Ah! Obviously there are too many erotically-themed Wednesdays for a simpleton like me. As to any future recreations – I think I’m going to insist on being your photographer…

  2. If that’s the image she had in her mind, it IS her.

    It’s her in MY mind, too 😉 Very soft and sensual . . . thanks.


  3. Jim, your mind is undoubtedly the size of a walnut and with an identical capacity for imagination. Why not take 24hrs off? You don’t have to be a cock every single day of the year.

  4. You need more pearls…

  5. wonderfully sensuous image!!!!
    thank you

  6. LikeToWatch Says:

    I love the smoothness and look of a shaved crotch. Nothing sexier.

  7. It’s a rather wanton yet relaxed pose…looks like she’s quite comfortable with her body. As I would guess you are too! Sorry I’ve been away so long. Life gets out of control sometimes.

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