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Nudie Wednesday — Taken

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They were so new to each other, yet so familiar all at once. His body curled into hers, one arm underneath her pillow, the other possessively around her waist, both of them exhausted and spent from their first night of lovemaking. She slept soundly in his arms, too soundly, her round rump nestled against his thick cock until the early hours of the morning.

She felt him twitch and her eyes fluttered open, the light streaming through the crack in the heavy curtains of the hotel suite. She felt him move again and automatically pressed her arse against his athletic frame. She was suddenly awake now, all of her senses alive with the adrenalin from the memories of night before. It was a mere moment before she ducked underneath the crisp cotton sheets, his sleepy murmurs filling the room as her mouth ravaged his cock softly back alive.

“God, you’re so good at that,” he whispered, half awake. She moved over his taut skin, her tongue and lips painting a path over his tender flesh. They had fucked for hours the night before, each sore with lust, his seed still seeping from her, her crotch still wet with arousal. She emerged from the darkness, her lips wet and eyes big in the half morning light. She hovered over him a moment before sinking herself onto his fully hardened cock.

“Now fuck me again, slowly this time,” she hissed, her upper body pressed against his, her bullet hard nipples pressing into his broad chest as she lay upon him, slowly milking his cock. She kissed him passionately, her tongue wrapping around his as she fucked him back, her cunt tightening around his shaft with each stroke, her pelvis grinding into his. She could feel herself edging closer to her own orgasm, her body alight and bursting with sensation once again. He was intoxicating to her.

“Oh God, you’re going to make me come like that,” he complained. She didn’t care, she wanted him to come right along with her, and she was close. She sat up and he followed, her legs wrapping around his waist as his cock surged inside her. She rose and fell in his lap, each one of his thrusts met with one of her own. His hands grabbed her arse, pulled her towards him even further, his mouth on her pierced nipples. It was then that she threw her head back and howled, the orgasm sending wave after wave of pleasure through the core of her body as his tongue flickered over each hardened peak. He grabbed her by the waist and drove himself into the depths of her until he was uncontrollably spurting inside her, stream after stream of his come coating the velvet heat of her cunt.

Minutes passed until she finally opened her eyes, giggled, and threw her arms around his neck while showering his face with kisses. He laughed along at her silliness while holding her tightly. If he had his way, he’d never let go of her again.

As if to read his mind, she perked up “Oh don’t worry lover, I’m not going anywhere, and either are you,” as she pulled the sheet over both of their heads. Her flight didn’t leave until Thursday, they still had days to get acquainted.

Nudie Wednesday — Swarm

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Nudie Wednesday — Pet

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Poll — Choose Your Flavor

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