Poll — Choose Your Flavor

6 Responses to “Poll — Choose Your Flavor”

  1. Write what makes you happy, sexy woman.


  2. Write what *you* want to write about. It’s your blog, people will always be here to read your exquisite prose.

  3. Thanks to both of you for speaking up. Rest assured, I’d never write about anything that didn’t tickle my own fancy. I just wanted to take advantage of the new traffic and put my feelers out for future reference.

  4. I could see other women being quite jealous of you. This could lead to some great one-sided catfights, perhaps? And you KNOW what to wear – and how we’d like to see the outcomes! Be vicious, if it’s in your nature… if not, struggle as you lose and before you get knocked out!

  5. I would suggest you to update BDSM/Kink related stories often…

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