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Posted in Erotica on July 25, 2010 by naughtysecretary

There’s some allure to him, and for once I can’t pinpoint the source. It could be his brashness, his direct appeal, his questioning knowing no boundaries. It could be the exhibitionist in him, the need to show off, the ache to be photographed. Most of all, I was drawn to the unruly curly hair, brown eyes shining, his eyebrows raised with a quizzical smile painted on his face in the photo he had sent.

So, how comfortable would you be photographing a foursome?

I had to think about my answer, I really did. And to be honest, I’d been asked to photograph a few friends sans clothes in the past. I had turned each offer down, and then immediately wondered if I had done the right thing afterward.

The artist in me yearned for new opportunities to expand and grow, and that meant in whatever circumstance, whatever medium. The voyeur in me was thrilled at the prospect of being witness to such a spectacle of flesh. But there was a part of me, a part I knew well, that was very hesitant. I wondered if put in such a position, such a prized and arousing position, would desire possess me and would I lose self control? The moment he had asked me the question, I envisaged the four of them, a cluster of lust, their moans and gasps filling the room along with the aroma of sex.  I could see sweat mingled with come-covered bodies slapping together, orgasm chasing orgasm as hungry mouths and tongues collided. I could see me putting the camera down and joining in the fantasy, my pussy already soaking wet with their desires, their needs, the sexual tension strung in the air…

I snapped back to reality, my face flushed, warmth rushing through my body. I thought of him thrusting into some foreign cunt and shivered again. I had to give him a response.

When’s the shoot?


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I strip off into the dark knowing there’s a warm body waiting for me. His hands are on me before I reach the bed, dragging me under, pulling me close to him amongst the soft sheets, grabbing at any available flesh. I finally sink into the bed and surrender to him.

“Fuck me,” I hiss in the dark.

He guides my waiting mouth to his cock and I suck voraciously, the warm musk of his skin filling my nostrils, the hard length of his cock sliding down my throat while I taste his salty pre-cum on the tip of my tongue. I navigate his length with my mouth a few times, my lips and tongue dipping over hard flesh as I pay him homage.

I lift my frame, straddle him, and let his his cock glide into my wetness without restraint, with ease. I immediately shudder with his thickness buried in me, his cock throbbing within my heat. I take his whole length, rising and falling over and over on him repeatedly, his cock hitting my g-spot, his pubis my clitoris. He moves his mouth over both of my nipples repeatedly, his tongue flickering over each. His lips feels glorious on me as we move as one, my pelvis rocking back and forth, my gasps rising into the night air as his warm arms wrap around my frame as if they were made just for me. I feel enveloped, blissful.

“I’m going to come if you keep doing that,” he exclaims. I lock my arms around him further still, my feet entwined behind him, my nails scratching lightly at his back.

“Come for me lover, just come in me, please,” I whisper in his ear as I hear him grunt in approval. His large hands raise my rear as his cock pistons into me with force, my orgasm threatening to break free at any moment. He slowly slips a finger into my arse as his rhythmical thrusts continue. The sensation is deliciously overwhelming and primal, my orgasm rapidly bursting through my body in waves. I bite and lick at his neck, the faint taste of salt lingering on his skin as I moan in complete pleasure. He gasps into my ear and comes, his hands kneading each arse cheek lovingly as his seed embeds within me.

Minutes pass in silent recovery, until I predictably make another request.

“Fuck me again, lover, slowly this time…”

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Sometimes, just sometimes, I’m lucky enough to receive treats of the sexual kind. In a way I feel honored that someone would go to great lengths (insert dirty joke here) to show their appreciation for me and what I do. I love surprises, and was quite thrilled when this showed up on my phone.

Can you do any better?

~ NS