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The Waiting Game

Posted in Erotica on September 21, 2010 by naughtysecretary

His hands are broad, fingers long and elegant as he rubs his palms against the sleek material of my corset. It’s just a short while before he is making demands of me.

“Lie back” he requests. I do so with slight trepidation, the black silk scarf secured tightly around my head, my hands bound with another scarf in front of me. My corset weighs heavily against my body as I descend amongst the plush hotel cushions, the excitement bubbling throughout my entirety. I feel alive, burning up, on heat with sensation, and with my sight taken away, my other senses immediately go into overdrive.

“Open your legs for me, Mademoiselle,” he beckons, his rich voice sending shivers down my spine. I hesitate for a few seconds until I feel a warm palm on each knee slowly moving my legs open until each thigh is flat on the bed. Sans underwear, I’m completely exposed to his feasting eyes. I hold my breath.

There’s a pause in the air that remains for an age. He finally speaks.

“Oh my God, you are simply stunning. Just as I had imagined for all of those long, torturous years. Now I have you here with me, within my grasp. All of this seems…impossible.”

I can feel him staring at my bare cunt, fully open and wet just for him. I want to rip the scarf from my face and catch his ravenous stare, but I know that is not how the game is to be played. I wait for his next move, the adrenalin swirling in my belly, my breathing picking up pace. I hear him unbuckle his belt, his pants sliding to the floor. The thought of his hard smooth cock makes me quiver, makes my mouth water in anticipation. I’m so worked up I just want him to fuck me now, to fuck me hard, to ruin me for any other man that follows his path. I’m desperate for him.

“Please don’t make me wait! Haven’t we waited long enough? Just fuck me, fuck me now!” The words escape my mouth before I have a chance to catch them.

He chuckles at my pleas. The cruel bastard. I start to protest again but am quickly silenced by his mouth suddenly moving all over my most intimate flesh, his tongue pushing deep into my cunt, his fingers gently rolling over my clitoris. He inserts two fingers into me and I moan loudly, my back arching in pure pleasure. He thrusts them in and out of me, back and forth, back and forth, until I’m on the brink of orgasm. His tongue feathers over my clitoris while his fingers are buried inside me, and I come loudly, my body writhing and twisting, his tongue still lashing at me. When the waves of pleasure subside, I’m left a heaving mess on the bed. I curl into a ball for recovery.

He stands and then sits beside me, stroking my hair tenderly. He helps me sit up, my arms still bound, darkness still my friend. He cups my face with each of his hands and kisses me for the first time. Our tongues mingle, the taste of my cunt still on his mouth, a delicious elixir to our lust. He unties my hands and gently removes my blindfold. I cast my gaze on his face for the first time. He’s handsome, just as he was in the photographs he had sent so long ago. In the half light of the room, his hazel eyes have a sparkle about them. I wonder to myself if they hold their shine in the daylight, too.

“Now I’m going to fuck you, fuck you my way,” he states with certainty. The authority in his voice sends another chorus of shivers throughout my body. I nod as I bite on my bottom lip as I wait for his next move, my eyes greedily moving over his gloriously thick cock.

“Lie on your front.”

I do so quickly, and I immediately realize I’m once again in a position of vulnerability. I raise my arse in the air as an offering, his hands on each cheek, grabbing at them, kneading them, his cock between my legs, the head of his shaft rubbing invitingly against my clitoris. I’m already sodden, my pussy aching to be filled. I whimper into the pillows. He continues to press against my swollen flesh, his thrusts slowly coating his shaft in my arousal. He grunts in approval as he continues to grab at my arse, his stroking becoming more vigorous, his cock threatening to enter me at any moment. I push my bare pussy against him, his gasps loud. I can hear his self control slipping away.

“God, I think the waiting game is finally over,” he hisses as he enters me in one fluid thrust. I moan into the pillow as he pushes into me over and over. I climax loudly for the second time and I feel him quiver inside of me. Knowing that his own orgasm is about to break free, I lift myself off the bed and flick back my head. I fuck back on his rigid flesh, his hands reaching around and grabbing each breast. I feel him shudder over and over as he comes deeply inside of me, his body coated in perspiration, our chorus of pleasure loud and guttural as we both slump on the bed.

Seconds pass as we both catch our breath and composition.

He was right, I think to myself and smile. The game was over, both of us victors.