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Posted in Erotica on November 27, 2010 by naughtysecretary

She meets me at my local bar after a night of dancing. Under her long coat she wears the skimpiest of outfits, the material hugging her beautifully curved body. She undoes the buttons of her coat and lets me take a peek. My cunt quivers at the sight of her luscious frame.

A short while later it’s almost closing time and I’m finishing my drink. She speaks with that unmistakable accent and I find myself trembling with desire once again. She has a proposition for me.

“You know, darlin’, I have the house to myself tonight. Why don’t you come over for a cocktail?” She has a look in her eyes, one of longing, and I wonder if she sees the same in my face, too. I can’t deny such a wonderfully sexy creature. I’d be a damn fool to turn her down.

“Of course I can stop by,” I reply. She smiles one of her signature smiles and kisses me on my neck in excitement. My nipples harden instantly with her soft lips on my skin. I grab her hand and we walk down the street; it’s not long before we are inside her house fixing another beverage. We take off our coats and she hands me my drink. I can’t help but eyeball her over the rim of my glass while I take my first sip, the taste of vodka and raspberries strong on my tongue. I wonder to myself how long it will be before I’m tasting her, and as if to read my mind, she takes my drink and sets it down on the coffee table next to the sofa. With her hands on my face, our lips meet passionately.

I feel intoxicated, yet I’m not physically drunk. This is the effect she has on me every time we are near. I don’t want to just fuck this woman, I want to make love to her. I want her panting in my ear, begging me to stop yet begging for more as her nails scratch down my back. I want her screaming, completely immersed in pleasure, her pouting cunt pressed to my face as she comes over and over and over again. I want her spent and naked on the bed as the waves of pleasure slowly ripple over her and subside. I want her to know bliss, the infinite ache taking over her world as I take each moan and gasp from her with every way I know how.

I want to slowly open her up and create a utopia for her.

I reciprocate the kiss, my mouth nibbling hers, our tongues swirling together. My hands run over her shoulders and down to each breast, my thumbs lightly rubbing over each nipple. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” she whispers as she takes me by the hand and leads me up the winding staircase. Electricity surges through me, adrenalin touching each one of my senses. I know what is about to happen and can hardly believe my luck. I watch her rump sway to and fro in front of my face as we walk up the stairs and turn into the bedroom. She turns towards me, and pulls me into her, kissing me with new force. I gather she’s as hungry and as turned on as I am and I kiss her back, my hands in her hair and over her slender neck. My tongue flickers over her earlobes and she moans.

“Take off your dress,” I demand. She slowly slides each thin strap from her shoulder and pulls the dress down past her hips. Finally she’s wearing naught but her thong and her heels. I run my hands over each naked breast, down to her waist, my left hand cupping her sex through the thin material of her thong. I can feel her heat in my palm, and this makes me even more confident.

“Lie down on the bed.” She complies, and I remove each of her shoes as I kneel between her legs. I run my hands up her milky thighs until I’m caressing her hot wet mound. I mouth and suckle at her cunt through the sheer material, her moans growing louder with each moment that passes. I finally lift the material and lick her flesh to flesh, tongue to bare pussy. I insert two fingers into her slowly as I lick her clitoris, her wetness coating my fingers instantly, my digits moving in and out of her slick velvet heat. I flicker my tongue over and over her clitoris until she’s gushing in my hand, screaming as she claws at my hair and back. Her cunt tightens and spasms as she comes, her back arching, her sodden folds pressed to my lips. I can feel the ache and wetness move into my own flesh as her climax subsides. She pushes me away for recovery. I stand, remove my clothes, and fetch her strap on from the bedside drawer. She had used it on me a number of times, and now it was her turn. I step into the harness and pull it up to my waist, the back phallus bobbing as if it were live flesh in anticipation.

“Now, I’m going to fuck you until you come all over this cock. Turn over.” With my voice stern she complies once again, her divine heart-shaped arse pushed firmly up in the air. The view was enough to make me dizzy, her perfect labia sodden and ready for me. I bend over to lick her once again and bury my tongue in her, her hands and gasps trapped face down against the sheets. I insert the tip of the faux cock into her and she immediately starts to fuck back, taking the length eagerly, inch by inch. I grab her hair and slide the shaft into her fully until she’s coming again, fucking back, bucking like a wild beast. I smack her on the arse once, twice, a third time and she squeals, taking all of the length deeply. I can feel my own cunt buzzing with anticipation, begging for attention, the warm wetness coating my pussy lips. I pick up the pace and fuck her with all of my force and she comes a third time, wailing and full of pleasure. I continue to fuck her as I rub my own cunt, my own clitoris engorged and full and ready behind the black cock, my mind racing, my breath quickening. I smack her arse again as I near my own climax.

“Come for me one more time, Rosie!” I exclaim.

“I…can’t…too much, I can’t!” Her voice is dripping with desperation. I know her well enough to know she is capable of more.

I withdraw from her quickly and flip her over onto her back. I step out of the harness, and facing her feet, straddle her face. She moans into my wet pussy as I start to lick her once again. She returns the gesture with ferocity, her hands fondling my breasts as her tongue paints a path over my swollen flesh. She licks at my cleft, her tongue gliding over my clitoris as I start to writhe against her face. With my orgasm breaking free, I grip her thighs and moan into her cunt, my bare wetness against her face, her wetness against mine. My climax triggers hers and once again she is coming hard and fast. After the chorus of moans subsides, we are both left a trembling mess. I try to stand, and giggling like a teenager, I’m drunk on lust, wobbly and giddy. I bend down and kiss her wet mouth, my essence all over her face.

“That was quite a cocktail, my dear,” I purr.

“Would you like another?” she replies back without skipping a beat. Greedy girl, I think to myself, just the way I like her to be.

Greedy and intoxicated, just like me.


Posted in Erotica on November 17, 2010 by naughtysecretary

Memories. They’re all I have of you. A few bright sparks in the recesses of my dark mind. On occasion they surface to taunt me. Today is such a day.

God I am so horny. I can’t wait to see you tonight. I’m going to have a hard time keeping my hands off you…

I recall our first flirtations, both of our spouses oblivious to the electric crackle in the air whenever we were together. Lust disguised as friendship, we spent much time partnered and our feelings grew. Sure, we ignored them to begin with it, but with time the ache became unbearable for both of us, our desires for the other all consuming.

I ached every time I was around you. You know I can’t get past those green eyes and red hair…

I remember the first time you touched me, the night sky growing old under the moon, me sneaking down the path and escaping to your back door. You met me, sans shirt, tattoos illuminated from the moonlight spilling through the large window. You cupped my face with your hands and kissed me, your beautifully soft lips meeting mine. At first I resisted, my knees weak, heart racing, until I could no longer hold out. I kissed you back, my mouth nibbling yours, tongues swirling in the heat of the moment. It was then you took my hand and led me downstairs to the basement.

I knew what the basement meant. I wanted every opportunity to be alone with you, to have you all to myself. Surely you knew what was going to happen once you walked down those steps with me?

Our time alone was filled to the brim with foreplay, each pleasuring the other with such precision and longing. I feel like it was yesterday, me straddling your face, my cunt warm and wet, my tongue flickering over the head of your cock. The scent of sex was heavy in the air, our lust burning through, my hips grinding against you as I came over and over again, your shaft pulsing deeply in my mouth, the taste of your come heavy on my tongue. You kissed me passionately after wards, your seed still dancing on my lips. I’ve never been so turned on as I was in that instant.

You know I also like the taste of come. I was greedy with you, wanting more from you with every second that passed…

Th fun didn’t stop there, though. Oh no. I sat you down on the couch and with my mouth on your cock once again, brought you to an immediate erection while you rubbed your nipples hard. I then lifted my skirt and slowly, oh so slowly, slid down your wonderfully thick shaft until you were completely embedded within me, throbbing once again, begging for a second climax. I came almost immediately as I felt you deep inside my heat, my clitoris rubbing against your pubic mound, my hips grinding against you until the shuddering stopped. I dismounted, and took your cock into my mouth, my own juices coating your length, the aroma of my sex all over your flesh. I teased you like this numerous times until you could no longer hold out, the chorus of your moans and gasps filling the air, your hands in my hair beckoning me to bring you to orgasm once again. I finally gave in and stood, my arse pushed out, hands firmly planted against the back of the sofa as you lifted my skirt and took my offering of flesh from behind. The searing pleasure rippled through me as you entered my pussy, a hand on each hip to steady yourself, both of us drunk on desire and filled with primal pleasure. I fucked back, my cunt wrapped around you, slick and smooth and holding you in place until you could no longer control yourself. You lifted my shirt, withdrew, and came all over my back, your hot seed spurting all over my milky white skin…

How I adore those memories. They’re so vivid I can taste you on my tongue. I want to be embedded within you right now…

Envelop Me

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Pull me in closer to you, your hands on my back and buttocks, nails dragging across my skin. Spread your legs for me, wrap them around me as I enter you, my cock throbbing inside you as I feel your milky white thighs brushing against me…

Envelop me.



Posted in Erotica on November 12, 2010 by naughtysecretary

So, did you get fucked a good few times yesterday? I wondered where you disappeared to…

I did, yes. We took a trip after our lunch date and visited the local sex store…

God, I need to touch some skin. To feel it, taste it, grab it, bite it…

And to lick it. I come so hard when he licks my nipples.

I need three fingers embedded in a wet pussy and my mouth on a hard nipple right now…

Is your cock throbbing right now?

Yes, it is.


Why is that good?

Because I like you tortured.

I ought to tie you up and bring you to the brink of orgasm multiple times, until you are begging me to make you come. Then we’ll see who is tortured.

Your mean streak is showing.

Of course, you know I could never do that because I so love to hear you come…Perhaps we should venture in the opposite direction. I want to make you come until you are begging me to stop.

I like that plan. My dreams last night were dirty…I’ve been rather worked up of late.

Oh, you don’t say?

Yes. I dreamt I went down on him and he came in my mouth. He then kissed me, his tongue swirling with mine, the taste of his come on our tongues…

Wow, that’s quite a dream. Whew!

He was voracious yesterday. After lunch he dragged me upstairs, stripped me down, and had his wicked way with me. I came so hard with him licking my nipples as we pleasured ourselves, pleasured each other. He came on my back, spreading his seed over my damp skin with his hands. I love it when he does that. I adore having his essence on me after our lovemaking has ended…

My cock is rock hard right now at the thought…

Well, it didn’t end there. Of course he had to fuck me hard after I had climaxed, after he had come all over me. His shaft felt glorious inside of me, pulsing, shuddering, spurting throughout me…

I’d love to watch him take you, fuck you, make you his, all the while stroking my cock as I bear witness to your fucking. Would he let me join in, the two of us pleasuring you at the same time?

Now that’s a thought. Mmmmm…

I can see it now, him taking you from behind, plundering your sodden cunt while my cock is deep within your mouth, my fingers tweaking your nipples lightly as you moan in ecstasy, your lips wrapped tightly around my shaft.

Oh, to have two cocks at once! It’s a scenario I entertain in my head on a regular basis.

Better still: I want him to sit behind you, your legs pried apart by his, his large hands on your jaw holding your mouth open while I fuck it. Would you like that? For us to forcefully take what we want from you?

The thought has me shivering in delight…

Actually, I know what I want. I want you to sit in my lap, my cock embedded deep within your arse. I’ll hold your arms back while he fucks your cunt, the two cocks surging in and out of your body, his mouth on your nipples as you come over and over again, completely spellbound and immersed in sensation…

Oh my God. To be taken like that…


Posted in Erotica on November 1, 2010 by naughtysecretary

It’s almost 4:30p.m., time for him to leave the office. I can imagine him collecting his things, emptying his coffee cup, switching off his computer, preparing for the drive home. I’ve taunted him all day, my hormones raging, each masturbation session heavy and intense. He knows I’ve already climaxed twice today, and my third is already on my mind. As soon as he exits the office, he texts me.


Back at you. When are you calling me?

A few minutes pass and I’m starting to fill with doubt that he’ll call at all. I reach for my phone, and as if cloaked in magic, it rings at the same time. I pick it up and giggle.

“So what are you up to then?” His voice is confident and strong, coated with arousal.

“I’m in my bedroom, sitting on my bed, undoing my sandals. What are you doing?”

“Well, I’m rubbing my cock through the fabric of my pants, and the pre-cum has already leaked half-way down my shaft…”

All kinds of imagery run through my head, my body quivering at the thought of him touching himself in the car amidst traffic because of me. I remove each piece of my clothing slowly as I circle my bed. Finally naked, I crawl under the warmth of the sheets with vibrator in hand, my nipples hard, pussy already swollen and wet. The vibrator slides into me with ease and I let out a moan. He responds with one of his own at my obvious pleasure.

“God, that is the best sound in the world. Keep going. Fuck yourself for me. Feel me inside you…”

Another moan, only this time it’s louder as I arch my back, thrusting the vibrator against my flesh feverishly. I can tell he’s stroking his cock through his pants by the chorus of whimpers I can hear on the other end of the line. This just beckons me on further, my orgasm inching closer with each quarter mile that passes.

“I’m going to find a place to stop so I can pull over and come with you.”

Electricity travels the length of my body as I involuntarily gasp. I hear the car pull to a stop. I hear him unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants, and free his cock. I wish I could witness his shaft spring to life before my very own eyes. Instead I tweak my left nipple as the vibrator remains buried in me while I think of his tongue lapping at my clitoris.

“Are you touching yourself?” I ask.

Oh God yes. Touch yourself for me. Imagine me licking you to an orgasm, one after another, after another. And when you are sodden, and completely ready for me, imagine the head of my cock stroking your pussy, threatening to enter you at any moment, until I’m covered in your arousal, slick with your juices. Only then will I slide myself into you slowly, inch by inch, watching every part of me disappear into your heat. I’ll scoop up your legs until your ankles are snug against my shoulders, and I’m fully embedded within you. It’s then that I’ll start to rock back and forth until I can no longer bear it, my strokes becoming more rigorous as my need to climax grows and spreads from my heavy balls bouncing against you. I will withdraw and come all over your breasts, my shaft covering your damp skin with my seed. Would you like that, for me to come all over you like that, like the dirty little whore that you are?”

His imagery sends me over the edge, my orgasm breaking free and coursing through my body. I moan loudly into the phone pressed tightly against my ear. I can hear him coming, the two of us gasping at the others’ climax. I spread my legs further and push the vibrator into me as I continue to shudder for him. Finally, the dual moans subside and I’m laughing at the intensity of the situation.

“So, are you a mess? Did you come all over yourself?” I ask. I’m light-headed and euphoric.

“Yes, actually, I am. And yes, I came all over myself thinking about you fucking yourself with that vibrator.”

“I should let you go so you can clean up. We’ll speak tomorrow?”

“Yes, good idea. It’s about time I get home to the wife and kids.”

I smile at the thought of corrupting a married man. He wasn’t the first, and I was sure he wouldn’t be the last. I feel empowered as I hang up the phone while he travels the rest of the highway home.