It’s almost 4:30p.m., time for him to leave the office. I can imagine him collecting his things, emptying his coffee cup, switching off his computer, preparing for the drive home. I’ve taunted him all day, my hormones raging, each masturbation session heavy and intense. He knows I’ve already climaxed twice today, and my third is already on my mind. As soon as he exits the office, he texts me.


Back at you. When are you calling me?

A few minutes pass and I’m starting to fill with doubt that he’ll call at all. I reach for my phone, and as if cloaked in magic, it rings at the same time. I pick it up and giggle.

“So what are you up to then?” His voice is confident and strong, coated with arousal.

“I’m in my bedroom, sitting on my bed, undoing my sandals. What are you doing?”

“Well, I’m rubbing my cock through the fabric of my pants, and the pre-cum has already leaked half-way down my shaft…”

All kinds of imagery run through my head, my body quivering at the thought of him touching himself in the car amidst traffic because of me. I remove each piece of my clothing slowly as I circle my bed. Finally naked, I crawl under the warmth of the sheets with vibrator in hand, my nipples hard, pussy already swollen and wet. The vibrator slides into me with ease and I let out a moan. He responds with one of his own at my obvious pleasure.

“God, that is the best sound in the world. Keep going. Fuck yourself for me. Feel me inside you…”

Another moan, only this time it’s louder as I arch my back, thrusting the vibrator against my flesh feverishly. I can tell he’s stroking his cock through his pants by the chorus of whimpers I can hear on the other end of the line. This just beckons me on further, my orgasm inching closer with each quarter mile that passes.

“I’m going to find a place to stop so I can pull over and come with you.”

Electricity travels the length of my body as I involuntarily gasp. I hear the car pull to a stop. I hear him unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants, and free his cock. I wish I could witness his shaft spring to life before my very own eyes. Instead I tweak my left nipple as the vibrator remains buried in me while I think of his tongue lapping at my clitoris.

“Are you touching yourself?” I ask.

Oh God yes. Touch yourself for me. Imagine me licking you to an orgasm, one after another, after another. And when you are sodden, and completely ready for me, imagine the head of my cock stroking your pussy, threatening to enter you at any moment, until I’m covered in your arousal, slick with your juices. Only then will I slide myself into you slowly, inch by inch, watching every part of me disappear into your heat. I’ll scoop up your legs until your ankles are snug against my shoulders, and I’m fully embedded within you. It’s then that I’ll start to rock back and forth until I can no longer bear it, my strokes becoming more rigorous as my need to climax grows and spreads from my heavy balls bouncing against you. I will withdraw and come all over your breasts, my shaft covering your damp skin with my seed. Would you like that, for me to come all over you like that, like the dirty little whore that you are?”

His imagery sends me over the edge, my orgasm breaking free and coursing through my body. I moan loudly into the phone pressed tightly against my ear. I can hear him coming, the two of us gasping at the others’ climax. I spread my legs further and push the vibrator into me as I continue to shudder for him. Finally, the dual moans subside and I’m laughing at the intensity of the situation.

“So, are you a mess? Did you come all over yourself?” I ask. I’m light-headed and euphoric.

“Yes, actually, I am. And yes, I came all over myself thinking about you fucking yourself with that vibrator.”

“I should let you go so you can clean up. We’ll speak tomorrow?”

“Yes, good idea. It’s about time I get home to the wife and kids.”

I smile at the thought of corrupting a married man. He wasn’t the first, and I was sure he wouldn’t be the last. I feel empowered as I hang up the phone while he travels the rest of the highway home.

6 Responses to “Highway”

  1. I am a corrupted married man too. I have a lady friend whom I share instant messages with. When she is at her office, I will occasionally send her a message about removing her panties and playing with herself. She describes what she is doing and how wet her pussy is.
    Her hubby works in the same office as her, which makes it more risky and kinky. I love to make her cum by telling her what to do to herself.

  2. corrupt me, corrupt me, corrupt me. and i will return the favor.

  3. my my my. What a delightful tale. It’s almost like being there.

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