So, did you get fucked a good few times yesterday? I wondered where you disappeared to…

I did, yes. We took a trip after our lunch date and visited the local sex store…

God, I need to touch some skin. To feel it, taste it, grab it, bite it…

And to lick it. I come so hard when he licks my nipples.

I need three fingers embedded in a wet pussy and my mouth on a hard nipple right now…

Is your cock throbbing right now?

Yes, it is.


Why is that good?

Because I like you tortured.

I ought to tie you up and bring you to the brink of orgasm multiple times, until you are begging me to make you come. Then we’ll see who is tortured.

Your mean streak is showing.

Of course, you know I could never do that because I so love to hear you come…Perhaps we should venture in the opposite direction. I want to make you come until you are begging me to stop.

I like that plan. My dreams last night were dirty…I’ve been rather worked up of late.

Oh, you don’t say?

Yes. I dreamt I went down on him and he came in my mouth. He then kissed me, his tongue swirling with mine, the taste of his come on our tongues…

Wow, that’s quite a dream. Whew!

He was voracious yesterday. After lunch he dragged me upstairs, stripped me down, and had his wicked way with me. I came so hard with him licking my nipples as we pleasured ourselves, pleasured each other. He came on my back, spreading his seed over my damp skin with his hands. I love it when he does that. I adore having his essence on me after our lovemaking has ended…

My cock is rock hard right now at the thought…

Well, it didn’t end there. Of course he had to fuck me hard after I had climaxed, after he had come all over me. His shaft felt glorious inside of me, pulsing, shuddering, spurting throughout me…

I’d love to watch him take you, fuck you, make you his, all the while stroking my cock as I bear witness to your fucking. Would he let me join in, the two of us pleasuring you at the same time?

Now that’s a thought. Mmmmm…

I can see it now, him taking you from behind, plundering your sodden cunt while my cock is deep within your mouth, my fingers tweaking your nipples lightly as you moan in ecstasy, your lips wrapped tightly around my shaft.

Oh, to have two cocks at once! It’s a scenario I entertain in my head on a regular basis.

Better still: I want him to sit behind you, your legs pried apart by his, his large hands on your jaw holding your mouth open while I fuck it. Would you like that? For us to forcefully take what we want from you?

The thought has me shivering in delight…

Actually, I know what I want. I want you to sit in my lap, my cock embedded deep within your arse. I’ll hold your arms back while he fucks your cunt, the two cocks surging in and out of your body, his mouth on your nipples as you come over and over again, completely spellbound and immersed in sensation…

Oh my God. To be taken like that…

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