Memories. They’re all I have of you. A few bright sparks in the recesses of my dark mind. On occasion they surface to taunt me. Today is such a day.

God I am so horny. I can’t wait to see you tonight. I’m going to have a hard time keeping my hands off you…

I recall our first flirtations, both of our spouses oblivious to the electric crackle in the air whenever we were together. Lust disguised as friendship, we spent much time partnered and our feelings grew. Sure, we ignored them to begin with it, but with time the ache became unbearable for both of us, our desires for the other all consuming.

I ached every time I was around you. You know I can’t get past those green eyes and red hair…

I remember the first time you touched me, the night sky growing old under the moon, me sneaking down the path and escaping to your back door. You met me, sans shirt, tattoos illuminated from the moonlight spilling through the large window. You cupped my face with your hands and kissed me, your beautifully soft lips meeting mine. At first I resisted, my knees weak, heart racing, until I could no longer hold out. I kissed you back, my mouth nibbling yours, tongues swirling in the heat of the moment. It was then you took my hand and led me downstairs to the basement.

I knew what the basement meant. I wanted every opportunity to be alone with you, to have you all to myself. Surely you knew what was going to happen once you walked down those steps with me?

Our time alone was filled to the brim with foreplay, each pleasuring the other with such precision and longing. I feel like it was yesterday, me straddling your face, my cunt warm and wet, my tongue flickering over the head of your cock. The scent of sex was heavy in the air, our lust burning through, my hips grinding against you as I came over and over again, your shaft pulsing deeply in my mouth, the taste of your come heavy on my tongue. You kissed me passionately after wards, your seed still dancing on my lips. I’ve never been so turned on as I was in that instant.

You know I also like the taste of come. I was greedy with you, wanting more from you with every second that passed…

Th fun didn’t stop there, though. Oh no. I sat you down on the couch and with my mouth on your cock once again, brought you to an immediate erection while you rubbed your nipples hard. I then lifted my skirt and slowly, oh so slowly, slid down your wonderfully thick shaft until you were completely embedded within me, throbbing once again, begging for a second climax. I came almost immediately as I felt you deep inside my heat, my clitoris rubbing against your pubic mound, my hips grinding against you until the shuddering stopped. I dismounted, and took your cock into my mouth, my own juices coating your length, the aroma of my sex all over your flesh. I teased you like this numerous times until you could no longer hold out, the chorus of your moans and gasps filling the air, your hands in my hair beckoning me to bring you to orgasm once again. I finally gave in and stood, my arse pushed out, hands firmly planted against the back of the sofa as you lifted my skirt and took my offering of flesh from behind. The searing pleasure rippled through me as you entered my pussy, a hand on each hip to steady yourself, both of us drunk on desire and filled with primal pleasure. I fucked back, my cunt wrapped around you, slick and smooth and holding you in place until you could no longer control yourself. You lifted my shirt, withdrew, and came all over my back, your hot seed spurting all over my milky white skin…

How I adore those memories. They’re so vivid I can taste you on my tongue. I want to be embedded within you right now…

10 Responses to “Embedded”

  1. wanttobetrue Says:

    Well, now I don’t want to get out of bed! Very hot as usual. šŸ™‚

  2. I can’t tell which is hotter—the picture or the story.

  3. you never ceased to keep ur readers esp me hot in my seat. Both the story & pictures are hot.

  4. love the foreplay, the ongoingness of it all. savoring the moments and the memories. hurrah.

  5. Damn that’s hot…. The pic, the words, the emotions. Just smoking hot….

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