I read his recent tweets, and my guts turn in pure anguish. He’s obviously moved on from me, discarded me from his life with the slightest of his decisions being light, cowardly, honest to a point. It hurts — no — it pains me that I can be discarded so easily given the time we’ve known each other intimately. But one thing that I’ve learnt over the years is that at times, life can be nothing short of harsh, so I discard my anxiety with my feelings for him. After all, I’m not going to beg someone to engage me, lust for me, love me, period.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything for you folks, and there are a number of reasons why. I now have a full time job and just don’t have the time to squirrel away for debauchery as I have in the past. Plus my muse has basically absconded me…my motivation is dwindling at best. With all of this I ask “What’s my next move?”—and for once, I don’t have an answer.

To be honest the reason I started this blog was for my muse’s contentment, and now that has gone, I’m not sure why I should continue. The words no longer come to me as they have in the past. I want to write filth, but just cant. I’ve tried and failed.

So this is my apology to the folks who visited this blog regularly. I’m still here, but only in half capacity. Please grant me the serenity to get my shit together and provide filth for the masses once again.

~ NS

12 Responses to “Honesty”

  1. Richplayboylover Says:

    How he has abandoned you astounds me, people behave in the strangest way and although it pains now in time the wounds heal. You hang in there, I’m sure like myself a long term reader and more resent follower in twitter. Your sexy erotic photos are second to none, your words of love and lust are every mans dream. Find yourself and I will be here as I’m sure all your followers will be xxx

  2. Heal, knowing that your readers wish you the best, wait for you, send you warmth and support you, believe in you. I know I do. Take your time, do what you need, be who you need to be.

  3. I’m sorry to hear this. We can only hope but never control how people in our lives treat us. Which sucks *hugs*.

  4. I am so sorry to hear this NS. I wish you well and hope that another muse comes into your life soon. Thank you for sharing all that you have done – you know how much I’ve appreciated your writing (as I am sure have all your readers). Hugs. S xxx

  5. thats a shock…

  6. Hey, who you callin’ “the masses?” 🙂

    Hope the new situation is working out well.


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