You have a delightful cunt.

The words pop up on my screen and I laugh. This one, I think to myself, this greeting I’ve heard before.

Why thank you, I respond. A few other messages pop up in the chat room I am in. Some disgust me, others I ignore, some are just downright boring. Anyone wanting to tell me how glorious my cunt is has my attention, fully. My ego enjoys the stroking, after all.

I want to spread you open with my thick fingers and gaze at you before I dominate you and make you take my hard cock deep inside you…

The pang of desire twists in my belly at the imagery. I rub my bare cunt through the thin material of my flowing dress, and I’m already wet. I’ve been waiting, like a predator, for a sexual spar, and I think I’ve just found a partner. It’s time for me to test the water along with his limits.

Oh yes? Tell me more, I beckon. If he’s eager enough he’ll take the bait.

Do you want me to put my warm manly hands around your throat as I fuck you intensely, with your legs spread wide, staring into your eyes and licking your lips and tongue fervently when the passion overwhelms me?

Hook, line, and sinker! I think to myself. He just hit all of my pressure points, my cunt quivering in anticipation with his few words.

I love a good pounding, especially one with your body taut over me, thighs pumping, my legs wrapped around you as you grab my ass, the other hand in my hair pulling my head back so you can kiss and lick my exposed neck and lips…

Do you want me to manhandle you, and treat you like a delicious little fuck toy, being both sensual and rough at the same time?

Again, he’s zeroed in on my longings while being fucked. I smile a wicked smile at the prospect that I have a worthy opponent in my hands.

Oh my God yes!

Will you surrender your glorious body to me and let me tie you up in positions that enable me to fuck you at my will, rewarding you with kisses and the taste of your pussy juices mixed with my cum, fed to you from the tip of my hard cock?

He wants to fuck my every orifice, his come mixed with my sex. The thought puts me into overdrive.

I love being tethered, I tell him.

Good. Do you like it when a man comes in your mouth after you’ve fucked him?

I love to suck cock in general, but I’m especially fond of sucking a cock coated with my own juices and arousal. I love taking a man in my mouth while I masturbate, my tongue swirling all over the tip of the shaft while my fingers plunge into my wet cunt. It makes me come hard and fast, and with you still in my mouth, you’ll be coming hard and fast down the back of my throat before long…

Oh good pet…

Shortly after that we both log off, but his imagery and words remained with me for the rest of the day, haunting me, flashing in my head randomly. This man had potential to arouse me, entice me, tweak my curiosity with just a few well-placed words. It had been a very long time since I had experienced such a thrill. He had all the makings of a new playmate, and the possibilities seemed endless, which made me swell with euphoria.

2 Responses to “Beginnings”

  1. Thanks for blogging. I enjoy it. I have a question. Where do you chat? I used to chat on yahoo but that’s all but gone and I miss it. Where to find a good sex chat?

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