Even to this day, I still recall how loudly you screamed when you came, the imagery burned into my brain eternally…

Although sitting amongst a crowd of people at our local bar, we were in a world of our own. Time was valuable to us, every stolen moment counting. We were both married, but not to each other. We spoke our own language; a slight touch against my thigh, a wink here and there, the occasional hand grab. It was all part of the allure.

After our fill of beer, and with hormones buzzing, we decided to leave. Walking to my car, I instructed him to get into the back. He looked perplexed for a second, until he saw the look in my eyes. Seconds later we were snuggled in the backseat of my car.

“Unzip your pants,” I stated clearly, and he eagerly followed my instruction. For a moment, he looked around at his surroundings: we were parked on a side street under a street lamp in clear view should anyone pass my car and look in.

“Don’t worry, no one will see us, and if they do, they can enjoy the show.” His grin was immeasurable at my confidence. His prick was fully out, hard, pulsing, needing my immediate attention. I smiled before bending down and flickering my tongue over the head of his cock repeatedly. With my hand wrapped around the base of his shaft, I slipped my lips ever so slowly down his length until the tip of his cock was touching the back of my throat.

“Oh my God you are such a little cocksucker,” he claimed as I gently worked him with my soft mouth, back and forth, back and forth, my tongue feathering the underside of his length as he pumped in and out of my mouth rhythmically. He threw his head back, his hands finding his erect nipples. Looking up, I watched him pleasure himself whilst I gave him complete pleasure. A pang of desire swirled in my belly at the sight of him, my cunt swollen and aching and ready to be filled.

“I’m going to come soon if you keep doing that!” he exclaimed. His statement didn’t deter me, in fact, it spurred me on. I wanted complete control over this man, this moment, and took him even further into my mouth, his shaft slippery as he plunged into me. He grabbed fistfuls of my hair as pushed himself into me fully, picking up the pace and fucking my mouth harder and harder with each stroke. Knowing he was close to climaxing, I wrapped my lips around him tightly, taking his cock with full force. I felt his cock twitch, and shiver, and then felt the surge, his come exploding into my mouth and back of my throat as I happily swallowed his load. His hands clenched around my locks, pushing me down as he screamed, the remainder of his come spurting onto my tongue.

Knowing his exhibitionistic side, I had predicted this scenario wouldn’t last long, the allure of getting caught a catalyst to his personal bliss. I looked up, completely satisfied at my mischief.

“You are such a vixen. That was one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had…” He was still breathing heavily, pleasure plastered on his face. I laughed loudly at his clear satisfaction. Once recovered, he zipped himself up and we both exited the car. I kissed him on the mouth passionately, the taste of his seed still coating my tongue. We bid our adieus, and I watched him get into his vehicle before getting into mine.

“Until next time,” I whispered, my heart heavy as I drove myself home to my husband, and he his wife.

5 Responses to “Memories”

  1. Ahem... Says:

    What a night… I am throbbing at the mental images you have resurrected… Whew.

  2. Fantastic! I love a very descriptive description of a blow job and yours is great.

    More… perhaps a “blow by blow” description of the first time you sucked a guy off to climax. 🙂

  3. I believe that life is in the details, Marty, blow jobs included.

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