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Posted in Erotica on November 1, 2010 by naughtysecretary

It’s almost 4:30p.m., time for him to leave the office. I can imagine him collecting his things, emptying his coffee cup, switching off his computer, preparing for the drive home. I’ve taunted him all day, my hormones raging, each masturbation session heavy and intense. He knows I’ve already climaxed twice today, and my third is already on my mind. As soon as he exits the office, he texts me.


Back at you. When are you calling me?

A few minutes pass and I’m starting to fill with doubt that he’ll call at all. I reach for my phone, and as if cloaked in magic, it rings at the same time. I pick it up and giggle.

“So what are you up to then?” His voice is confident and strong, coated with arousal.

“I’m in my bedroom, sitting on my bed, undoing my sandals. What are you doing?”

“Well, I’m rubbing my cock through the fabric of my pants, and the pre-cum has already leaked half-way down my shaft…”

All kinds of imagery run through my head, my body quivering at the thought of him touching himself in the car amidst traffic because of me. I remove each piece of my clothing slowly as I circle my bed. Finally naked, I crawl under the warmth of the sheets with vibrator in hand, my nipples hard, pussy already swollen and wet. The vibrator slides into me with ease and I let out a moan. He responds with one of his own at my obvious pleasure.

“God, that is the best sound in the world. Keep going. Fuck yourself for me. Feel me inside you…”

Another moan, only this time it’s louder as I arch my back, thrusting the vibrator against my flesh feverishly. I can tell he’s stroking his cock through his pants by the chorus of whimpers I can hear on the other end of the line. This just beckons me on further, my orgasm inching closer with each quarter mile that passes.

“I’m going to find a place to stop so I can pull over and come with you.”

Electricity travels the length of my body as I involuntarily gasp. I hear the car pull to a stop. I hear him unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants, and free his cock. I wish I could witness his shaft spring to life before my very own eyes. Instead I tweak my left nipple as the vibrator remains buried in me while I think of his tongue lapping at my clitoris.

“Are you touching yourself?” I ask.

Oh God yes. Touch yourself for me. Imagine me licking you to an orgasm, one after another, after another. And when you are sodden, and completely ready for me, imagine the head of my cock stroking your pussy, threatening to enter you at any moment, until I’m covered in your arousal, slick with your juices. Only then will I slide myself into you slowly, inch by inch, watching every part of me disappear into your heat. I’ll scoop up your legs until your ankles are snug against my shoulders, and I’m fully embedded within you. It’s then that I’ll start to rock back and forth until I can no longer bear it, my strokes becoming more rigorous as my need to climax grows and spreads from my heavy balls bouncing against you. I will withdraw and come all over your breasts, my shaft covering your damp skin with my seed. Would you like that, for me to come all over you like that, like the dirty little whore that you are?”

His imagery sends me over the edge, my orgasm breaking free and coursing through my body. I moan loudly into the phone pressed tightly against my ear. I can hear him coming, the two of us gasping at the others’ climax. I spread my legs further and push the vibrator into me as I continue to shudder for him. Finally, the dual moans subside and I’m laughing at the intensity of the situation.

“So, are you a mess? Did you come all over yourself?” I ask. I’m light-headed and euphoric.

“Yes, actually, I am. And yes, I came all over myself thinking about you fucking yourself with that vibrator.”

“I should let you go so you can clean up. We’ll speak tomorrow?”

“Yes, good idea. It’s about time I get home to the wife and kids.”

I smile at the thought of corrupting a married man. He wasn’t the first, and I was sure he wouldn’t be the last. I feel empowered as I hang up the phone while he travels the rest of the highway home.


Posted in Erotica on October 14, 2010 by naughtysecretary

I want to do bad, bad things with your cock right now…

My stomach just flipped, I didn’t see that coming. Well, it’s hard, so please, have your way with me…

I want to use the head of your cock to rub my clitoris with, until I’m saturated, and coming hard. Then I want to be greedy with you, riding you, clinging to you while you are embedded within me, until I’m coming all over your flesh again and again, my hard nipples pressed into your chest…

Oh God. My balls are aching at the thought.

Maybe they need a flickering of the tongue?

Perhaps you are right.

My mouth traveling the underside of your shaft, your hands in my hair, my tongue lapping at the head of your cock, tasting your pre-come…

Growling through the pleasure, the need that I have to taste your pussy, your desire, your wetness…

Funnily enough, now I’m thinking about you licking me to a frenzy while I feast on you, my cunt pressed against your face while your tongue is buried in me…

Your warm wet moans sealed around my shaft…

While you threaten to come deep within my throat? Is that what you want? Me coming all over your mouth and face while I suck you to an orgasm?

Most definitely…and then I want you to suck me until I am hard again so I can fuck your sodden pussy…

From behind, so you can pull my hair and grab my arse while you plunge into me…and so I can push back onto you and milk your cock…

Now I am thinking about fingering your arse to make you come again…

Mmmmmm, you tease!

My cock is so hard right now…

The Waiting Game

Posted in Erotica on September 21, 2010 by naughtysecretary

His hands are broad, fingers long and elegant as he rubs his palms against the sleek material of my corset. It’s just a short while before he is making demands of me.

“Lie back” he requests. I do so with slight trepidation, the black silk scarf secured tightly around my head, my hands bound with another scarf in front of me. My corset weighs heavily against my body as I descend amongst the plush hotel cushions, the excitement bubbling throughout my entirety. I feel alive, burning up, on heat with sensation, and with my sight taken away, my other senses immediately go into overdrive.

“Open your legs for me, Mademoiselle,” he beckons, his rich voice sending shivers down my spine. I hesitate for a few seconds until I feel a warm palm on each knee slowly moving my legs open until each thigh is flat on the bed. Sans underwear, I’m completely exposed to his feasting eyes. I hold my breath.

There’s a pause in the air that remains for an age. He finally speaks.

“Oh my God, you are simply stunning. Just as I had imagined for all of those long, torturous years. Now I have you here with me, within my grasp. All of this seems…impossible.”

I can feel him staring at my bare cunt, fully open and wet just for him. I want to rip the scarf from my face and catch his ravenous stare, but I know that is not how the game is to be played. I wait for his next move, the adrenalin swirling in my belly, my breathing picking up pace. I hear him unbuckle his belt, his pants sliding to the floor. The thought of his hard smooth cock makes me quiver, makes my mouth water in anticipation. I’m so worked up I just want him to fuck me now, to fuck me hard, to ruin me for any other man that follows his path. I’m desperate for him.

“Please don’t make me wait! Haven’t we waited long enough? Just fuck me, fuck me now!” The words escape my mouth before I have a chance to catch them.

He chuckles at my pleas. The cruel bastard. I start to protest again but am quickly silenced by his mouth suddenly moving all over my most intimate flesh, his tongue pushing deep into my cunt, his fingers gently rolling over my clitoris. He inserts two fingers into me and I moan loudly, my back arching in pure pleasure. He thrusts them in and out of me, back and forth, back and forth, until I’m on the brink of orgasm. His tongue feathers over my clitoris while his fingers are buried inside me, and I come loudly, my body writhing and twisting, his tongue still lashing at me. When the waves of pleasure subside, I’m left a heaving mess on the bed. I curl into a ball for recovery.

He stands and then sits beside me, stroking my hair tenderly. He helps me sit up, my arms still bound, darkness still my friend. He cups my face with each of his hands and kisses me for the first time. Our tongues mingle, the taste of my cunt still on his mouth, a delicious elixir to our lust. He unties my hands and gently removes my blindfold. I cast my gaze on his face for the first time. He’s handsome, just as he was in the photographs he had sent so long ago. In the half light of the room, his hazel eyes have a sparkle about them. I wonder to myself if they hold their shine in the daylight, too.

“Now I’m going to fuck you, fuck you my way,” he states with certainty. The authority in his voice sends another chorus of shivers throughout my body. I nod as I bite on my bottom lip as I wait for his next move, my eyes greedily moving over his gloriously thick cock.

“Lie on your front.”

I do so quickly, and I immediately realize I’m once again in a position of vulnerability. I raise my arse in the air as an offering, his hands on each cheek, grabbing at them, kneading them, his cock between my legs, the head of his shaft rubbing invitingly against my clitoris. I’m already sodden, my pussy aching to be filled. I whimper into the pillows. He continues to press against my swollen flesh, his thrusts slowly coating his shaft in my arousal. He grunts in approval as he continues to grab at my arse, his stroking becoming more vigorous, his cock threatening to enter me at any moment. I push my bare pussy against him, his gasps loud. I can hear his self control slipping away.

“God, I think the waiting game is finally over,” he hisses as he enters me in one fluid thrust. I moan into the pillow as he pushes into me over and over. I climax loudly for the second time and I feel him quiver inside of me. Knowing that his own orgasm is about to break free, I lift myself off the bed and flick back my head. I fuck back on his rigid flesh, his hands reaching around and grabbing each breast. I feel him shudder over and over as he comes deeply inside of me, his body coated in perspiration, our chorus of pleasure loud and guttural as we both slump on the bed.

Seconds pass as we both catch our breath and composition.

He was right, I think to myself and smile. The game was over, both of us victors.


Posted in Erotica on July 25, 2010 by naughtysecretary

There’s some allure to him, and for once I can’t pinpoint the source. It could be his brashness, his direct appeal, his questioning knowing no boundaries. It could be the exhibitionist in him, the need to show off, the ache to be photographed. Most of all, I was drawn to the unruly curly hair, brown eyes shining, his eyebrows raised with a quizzical smile painted on his face in the photo he had sent.

So, how comfortable would you be photographing a foursome?

I had to think about my answer, I really did. And to be honest, I’d been asked to photograph a few friends sans clothes in the past. I had turned each offer down, and then immediately wondered if I had done the right thing afterward.

The artist in me yearned for new opportunities to expand and grow, and that meant in whatever circumstance, whatever medium. The voyeur in me was thrilled at the prospect of being witness to such a spectacle of flesh. But there was a part of me, a part I knew well, that was very hesitant. I wondered if put in such a position, such a prized and arousing position, would desire possess me and would I lose self control? The moment he had asked me the question, I envisaged the four of them, a cluster of lust, their moans and gasps filling the room along with the aroma of sex.  I could see sweat mingled with come-covered bodies slapping together, orgasm chasing orgasm as hungry mouths and tongues collided. I could see me putting the camera down and joining in the fantasy, my pussy already soaking wet with their desires, their needs, the sexual tension strung in the air…

I snapped back to reality, my face flushed, warmth rushing through my body. I thought of him thrusting into some foreign cunt and shivered again. I had to give him a response.

When’s the shoot?


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I strip off into the dark knowing there’s a warm body waiting for me. His hands are on me before I reach the bed, dragging me under, pulling me close to him amongst the soft sheets, grabbing at any available flesh. I finally sink into the bed and surrender to him.

“Fuck me,” I hiss in the dark.

He guides my waiting mouth to his cock and I suck voraciously, the warm musk of his skin filling my nostrils, the hard length of his cock sliding down my throat while I taste his salty pre-cum on the tip of my tongue. I navigate his length with my mouth a few times, my lips and tongue dipping over hard flesh as I pay him homage.

I lift my frame, straddle him, and let his his cock glide into my wetness without restraint, with ease. I immediately shudder with his thickness buried in me, his cock throbbing within my heat. I take his whole length, rising and falling over and over on him repeatedly, his cock hitting my g-spot, his pubis my clitoris. He moves his mouth over both of my nipples repeatedly, his tongue flickering over each. His lips feels glorious on me as we move as one, my pelvis rocking back and forth, my gasps rising into the night air as his warm arms wrap around my frame as if they were made just for me. I feel enveloped, blissful.

“I’m going to come if you keep doing that,” he exclaims. I lock my arms around him further still, my feet entwined behind him, my nails scratching lightly at his back.

“Come for me lover, just come in me, please,” I whisper in his ear as I hear him grunt in approval. His large hands raise my rear as his cock pistons into me with force, my orgasm threatening to break free at any moment. He slowly slips a finger into my arse as his rhythmical thrusts continue. The sensation is deliciously overwhelming and primal, my orgasm rapidly bursting through my body in waves. I bite and lick at his neck, the faint taste of salt lingering on his skin as I moan in complete pleasure. He gasps into my ear and comes, his hands kneading each arse cheek lovingly as his seed embeds within me.

Minutes pass in silent recovery, until I predictably make another request.

“Fuck me again, lover, slowly this time…”


Posted in Erotica on June 19, 2010 by naughtysecretary

They were so new to each other, yet so familiar all at once. His body curled into hers, one arm underneath her pillow, the other possessively around her waist, both of them exhausted and spent from their first night of lovemaking. She slept soundly in his arms, too soundly, her round rump nestled against his thick cock until the early hours of the morning.

She felt him twitch and her eyes fluttered open, the light streaming through the crack in the heavy curtains of the hotel suite. She felt him move again and automatically pressed her arse against his athletic frame. She was suddenly awake now, all of her senses alive with the adrenalin from the memories of night before. It was a mere moment before she ducked underneath the crisp cotton sheets, his sleepy murmurs filling the room as her mouth ravaged his cock softly back alive.

“God, you’re so good at that,” he whispered, half awake. She moved over his taut skin, her tongue and lips painting a path over his tender flesh. They had fucked for hours the night before, each sore with lust, his seed still seeping from her, her crotch still wet with arousal. She emerged from the darkness, her lips wet and eyes big in the half morning light. She hovered over him a moment before sinking herself onto his fully hardened cock.

“Now fuck me again, slowly this time,” she hissed, her upper body pressed against his, her bullet hard nipples pressing into his broad chest as she lay upon him, slowly milking his cock. She kissed him passionately, her tongue wrapping around his as she fucked him back, her cunt tightening around his shaft with each stroke, her pelvis grinding into his. She could feel herself edging closer to her own orgasm, her body alight and bursting with sensation once again. He was intoxicating to her.

“Oh God, you’re going to make me come like that,” he complained. She didn’t care, she wanted him to come right along with her, and she was close. She sat up and he followed, her legs wrapping around his waist as his cock surged inside her. She rose and fell in his lap, each one of his thrusts met with one of her own. His hands grabbed her arse, pulled her towards him even further, his mouth on her pierced nipples. It was then that she threw her head back and howled, the orgasm sending wave after wave of pleasure through the core of her body as his tongue flickered over each hardened peak. He grabbed her by the waist and drove himself into the depths of her until he was uncontrollably spurting inside her, stream after stream of his come coating the velvet heat of her cunt.

Minutes passed until she finally opened her eyes, giggled, and threw her arms around his neck while showering his face with kisses. He laughed along at her silliness while holding her tightly. If he had his way, he’d never let go of her again.

As if to read his mind, she perked up “Oh don’t worry lover, I’m not going anywhere, and either are you,” as she pulled the sheet over both of their heads. Her flight didn’t leave until Thursday, they still had days to get acquainted.


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The early morning light streams through the kitchen windows, the aroma of coffee filling the air as the pastries sit patiently on the black granite counter top. She was turned away from him, her question breaking the silence like a hammer smashing through a plate of glass. It was totally unexpected and out of the blue.

“So, what ever happened to that other blogger you mentioned some months back? Are you still in contact with her?” She placed a croissant in front of him, his eyes catching her silk robe opening slightly as she leaned forward. Yes, he thought to himself, they had been in contact, and more so of late. He had even called her a few times. They had grown closer over the last few months. For a split second he considered lying. He then thought better of it.

“Yes, we are in contact. Why do you ask?” He looked directly at her and saw a flash of something in her eyes. Curiosity? Possibly. But there was something more, something primal. Desire? Perhaps.

“I was thinking about her the other day, thinking that I’d like to get to know her, too. After all, who knows where this may lead? It has the makings of an adventure, and you know how much I love those.”

Her confession immediately sent him reeling, his mind scrambling all over each possibility. They were endless. Suddenly both women were naked and on their knees, tongues swirling over each side of his thick cock in unison. His face burned at the prospect, his erection straining in his pants, quickly bringing him back to reality.

“I’m sure she’d have no problem getting to know you. After all, she has confessed to me that she has often fantasized about the three of us being intimate together.” He was trying to remain as nonchalant as possible, but the idea of the three of them in the same proximity made the whole of his body sear with desire.

“Maybe you should ask her if she’d like to meet for dinner?” For once, he was both surprised and relieved by his wife’s confidence.

“I’ll see what she says.”

The idea of the meeting haunted him for the rest of the day, and later that night, Marianne brought her into the conversation again. This time, it was when he had his cock deeply buried inside her from behind.

“What does she sound like when she comes?” His wife’s gasps were beautiful, almost hypnotic as she received the full length of his cock.

“What makes you think I know?” He pushed further into her, her tightness wrapping around him, her hair cascading down her back, glistening in the half light. Her smooth ivory skin glowed as he rubbed his hands all over her back and thighs and over her rump.

“I know you, Nathan. You could quite literally charm the pants off anybody…”

He withdrew from her and flipped her over onto her back, her squeal escaping into the air. He placed one hand under her arse, the other in her hair, and entered her with force. She threw her head back along with her legs and moaned loudly as she once again took his cock fully within her.

“She sounds like a wanton whore when she comes, just like you do,” he hissed in his wife’s ear. His cock surged at the idea of their phantom lover climaxing, especially during one of their more intimate phone conversations. He would never forget the first time she came for him. Her gasps and moans and eventual screams were burned into his brain. He had replayed them over many times in his head while he had masturbated. His wife quivered underneath him as he pulled her hair back, exposing her neck. He kissed her on her cheek as he made his way to her throat and down to her left breast. His tongue flickered over the hardening peak of her nipple. This was the key to dipping her into bliss for the first time. He pounded into her as he lashed his tongue over her flesh.

“I want to see her make you come,” she whispered through gasps. ” I want to see her take all of your cock and explode while you’re buried deep inside her. I want to see your come all over her face while I’m there to lick it off. I want to see her bring you ultimate pleasure.” He picked up his pace, his cock driving into his wife’s soaking pussy. All he could think about was fucking Carmen, a beautiful stranger that he yearned to know more of, everyday, obsessively, and now his wife had joined his fantasy. It was at that realization that he came deeply inside his wife, his face buried in her auburn locks, legs entwined in damp sheets as he silently mouthed the stranger’s name.

It was later the next day he emailed Carmen to tell her of the new developments. Surprisingly, she seemed content with the first meeting being a threesome rather than a more personal affair between the two of them.

“Why not, Nathan? I still get my hands on you. To be honest, your wife sounds like a wanton woman, and you know how much I love to get my hands on one of those…”

He smiled like the cat who had swallowed the canary.