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Posted in Giggles, Musings, Naughty Friends on July 13, 2010 by naughtysecretary

Sometimes, just sometimes, I’m lucky enough to receive treats of the sexual kind. In a way I feel honored that someone would go to great lengths (insert dirty joke here) to show their appreciation for me and what I do. I love surprises, and was quite thrilled when this showed up on my phone.

Can you do any better?

~ NS

Nude Ranch Nymphs

Posted in Giggles on March 11, 2010 by naughtysecretary

Jerk for me, baby!

Posted in Giggles on December 4, 2009 by naughtysecretary


Posted in Giggles, Musings on November 4, 2009 by naughtysecretary

I can’t wait for us to paint each other and take photographs. It’s going to be so much fun…

The image of her naked dances before my eyes. She’s glorious to behold, with her small pert breasts, her tight frame, the round of her arse teasing me with every movement, every step. I sigh at the memories.

Can I be perfectly honest with you? I can’t imagine having you naked in front of me and not fucking you senseless…

I pause, hoping that my revelation isn’t too brash.

Well, I’ll be honest with you. Ever since you asked to paint me, I’ve been having visions of me fucking you senseless with a strap on…

I throw my head back and laugh. It’s good to know we are on the same page.


Posted in Fleshbotted, Giggles on September 26, 2009 by naughtysecretary

I’ll admit, it’s pretty sweet being The Naughty Secretary. I’m lucky enough to have “met” a number of very cool people because of this blog. I still have a hard time calling myself a writer, although I’m more comfortable with the term than say a year ago. It’s been quite a ride.

But the best part?


None of this would even be here if it wasn’t for the appreciation of you, the reader. I’ve received a plethora of gestures by means of thanks for my words; the occasional naughty photo or email, words spun into a raunchy web chat message, the wonderful comments on my blog…

And sometimes? Sometimes, someone manages to shock the shit out of me.


~ NS

My phone vibrated against the coffee table. Brian. I snapped it open. It was 9:30 p.m.

“We’re out. Why aren’t you here with us? I mean, apart from the fact that you’re just hearing about this now…”

I laughed, heading upstairs to freshen up. Twenty minutes later I was trekking out to my local bar. I didn’t need coaxing; my week had been taxing and I’d been saintly of late. Many a night of mine had been spent at home and in bed at a very reasonable hour. My arm wasn’t twisted, it was bent from the beginning.

I walked into the darkness of my local. They were seated half way down the bar, their smiles beaming from the doorway. I smiled impishly as I greeted them. With Brian to my right and Mark to my left, I received a hug from each, Brian’s hand traditionally slipping to my arse. I laughed at his predictability as I ordered my drink and sat between them.

It didn’t take long before our conversation became laced with sex. Both Brian and Mark were extremely attractive men; in their thirties and complete opposites to look at. Brian was almost pretty with his piercing blue eyes and plump lips. Mark had a rugged charm about him with his manic gestures and cropped salt and pepper hair. I wanted to take both of them into the alley and fuck their brains out.

“So, can I tell Mark about your blog?” Brian’s eyes shone with mischief. They always did.

“Wait, what? She has a blog?” I sat calmly between them as Mark grilled me.

“Yes, I have a blog. And yeah, why not?” I winked at Brian as I sipped my Mojito, knowing full well that Mark was about to be presented with my cunt, my fantasy, me totally unsheathed. For some reason it didn’t make me squirm; I felt empowered as Brian handed over his iPhone.

“Wait, that photo of the glove. Is that you?”

“Yes, that’s me.” I beamed at him.

He shook his head and continued to scroll down the screen. Suddenly, he got out of his seat.

“Can I borrow this?” He wanted the iPhone.

“Sure,” Brian replied with slight confusion.

Without hesitation, Mark made his way to the bathroom. I looked at Brian in disbelief.

“Is he? I mean, he’s in there reading and spanking the monkey?”

“He’d better not get anything on my phone…”

Mission accomplished.