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I am chuffed to announce that I have been formally reviewed by The review can be found here. Let me know your thoughts!

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EdenFantasys – Superstar Vibes

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Tethered and completely at his will, he slowly inserted the vibrator into my waiting cunt, a moan escaping my lips into the night air, his tongue feathering my clitoris as he continued to pleasure me with the hot pink phallus deeply embedded within my wet pussy…

The Superstar Vibes are exactly that – superstars in their own right. These slim-lined vibrators are the perfect sex toy for the beginner or advanced player, and can be used for just clitoral stimulation, or complete insertion for g-spot stimulation. They are perfect for individual or partner play, and are also waterproof, so versatile, they are.

As far as vibrators go, this isn’t the quietest toy you’ll come across, but it’s not the loudest, so I was satisfied nonetheless. The power dial at the base of the shaft is a little stiff to maneuver (mind the pun), but the varied intensity of the vibe makes it worthwhile. The Superstar Vibes are powered by two AA batteries.

Made of hard plastic with ridges along the length for extra pleasure, these bad boys are also Latex free/Phthalates free, and hypo-allergenic. They come in an assortment of colors, including orange, fuchsia, hot pink and royal blue.

I found the best part of this toy was its price, making it totally affordable for any consumer. This product should become a staple in any girl or guy’s toy box. Enjoy!


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She sits in his lap silently as she looks at the computer screen in front of her. He types as she watches, her hand buried in a pair of damp see-through white panties as she rubs her bare cunt. She wears no bra, her beautiful pink nipples pouting, her blonde hair falling just below her shoulders. Her eyes remain big and focused on the screen ahead.

I want you to take off your panties and give them to him.

She stops masturbating, stands, slips them off and hands them over to her partner. She awaits further instruction as he types that she’s done as requested. His cock is thick and large, bobbing as he types. He wears an immeasurable grin as his hands skim the keys.

She’s taken them off, and I have them in my hand. What do you want us to do next?

They patiently await their next command. When she reads what is next, she gasps.

I want her to straddle your left thigh, bare cunt to your warm skin. I want you to rub that bulging cock with her damp underwear while she rides your thigh until she comes. When she’s squealing and writhing in pleasure, then only can you come. And I want you to climax in her panties. But first things first; what does she feel like against your thigh?

He moans as he reads the last words on the screen as she starts to slide herself on his leg, her head thrown back, her gloriously slick pussy rubbing against the skin of his muscular thigh. She places both hands on his knee to steady herself as she rubs against him. She pants as she moves backwards and forwards, and he can feel her swollen cunt open further as she grinds against him. He can barely type a response.

She feels slick, and oh so wet, and soft, ready for me. She’s close to coming, I can tell by her breathing…

Good. Rub her panties against your length and tell me what that feels like.

Her moans were growing louder by the second. He rubs the diaphanous pair of panties against the smooth skin of his cock while she’s breathless next to him. His senses are going into overdrive; his partners climax inching closer, the softness of the material rubbing against his prick, the stranger’s requests fueling both of them on. His cock was twitching, pulsing in anticipation of coming. A drop of pre-cum appears at the head of his cock as he continues to work the length with the material wrapped in his hands.

It feels wonderfully smooth, I can barely type…

I want both of you to come for me, now. I want her howling and screaming as your come spurts into the delicate material you’re holding. I want both of you exhausted and spent because of me. Now it’s time.

“Come, baby, come,” he insists as she rides his leg with fury. He can feel her starting to spasm, to climax, and he feels the zing in his belly, the surge in his heavy balls, and he starts to come himself. He comes hard and insistently, the streams of seed coating her panties he’s holding. He grabs her hair and pulls it back with his left hand and she starts to squeal as her orgasm breaks free. Her fingernails dig into his leg as the waves of pleasure subside.

Finally, they both look at each other and start to laugh. Once they’ve both regained composure, they stare at the screen. Their instigator was offline.

“That’s strange, we didn’t even know if that person was male or female,” she notes.

Oceans away, I had already shut my laptop with a smile spread across my face and satisfaction swirling within me. It was now time for me to come.


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You have a delightful cunt.

The words pop up on my screen and I laugh. This one, I think to myself, this greeting I’ve heard before.

Why thank you, I respond. A few other messages pop up in the chat room I am in. Some disgust me, others I ignore, some are just downright boring. Anyone wanting to tell me how glorious my cunt is has my attention, fully. My ego enjoys the stroking, after all.

I want to spread you open with my thick fingers and gaze at you before I dominate you and make you take my hard cock deep inside you…

The pang of desire twists in my belly at the imagery. I rub my bare cunt through the thin material of my flowing dress, and I’m already wet. I’ve been waiting, like a predator, for a sexual spar, and I think I’ve just found a partner. It’s time for me to test the water along with his limits.

Oh yes? Tell me more, I beckon. If he’s eager enough he’ll take the bait.

Do you want me to put my warm manly hands around your throat as I fuck you intensely, with your legs spread wide, staring into your eyes and licking your lips and tongue fervently when the passion overwhelms me?

Hook, line, and sinker! I think to myself. He just hit all of my pressure points, my cunt quivering in anticipation with his few words.

I love a good pounding, especially one with your body taut over me, thighs pumping, my legs wrapped around you as you grab my ass, the other hand in my hair pulling my head back so you can kiss and lick my exposed neck and lips…

Do you want me to manhandle you, and treat you like a delicious little fuck toy, being both sensual and rough at the same time?

Again, he’s zeroed in on my longings while being fucked. I smile a wicked smile at the prospect that I have a worthy opponent in my hands.

Oh my God yes!

Will you surrender your glorious body to me and let me tie you up in positions that enable me to fuck you at my will, rewarding you with kisses and the taste of your pussy juices mixed with my cum, fed to you from the tip of my hard cock?

He wants to fuck my every orifice, his come mixed with my sex. The thought puts me into overdrive.

I love being tethered, I tell him.

Good. Do you like it when a man comes in your mouth after you’ve fucked him?

I love to suck cock in general, but I’m especially fond of sucking a cock coated with my own juices and arousal. I love taking a man in my mouth while I masturbate, my tongue swirling all over the tip of the shaft while my fingers plunge into my wet cunt. It makes me come hard and fast, and with you still in my mouth, you’ll be coming hard and fast down the back of my throat before long…

Oh good pet…

Shortly after that we both log off, but his imagery and words remained with me for the rest of the day, haunting me, flashing in my head randomly. This man had potential to arouse me, entice me, tweak my curiosity with just a few well-placed words. It had been a very long time since I had experienced such a thrill. He had all the makings of a new playmate, and the possibilities seemed endless, which made me swell with euphoria.

E[lust] #24

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Welcome to e[lust] – Your source for sexual intelligence and inspirations of lust from the smartest & sexiest bloggers! Whether you’re looking for hot steamy smut, thought-provoking opinions or expert information, you’re going to find it here. Want to be included in e[lust] #25? Start with the rules, check out the schedule and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

Women, Swinging, and Seduction – From Meeting to Fucking in the Swinging Lifestyle: “My wife wants to drop out of swinging and instead have an open relationship…” announced a good friend of mine..

The Scent of a Woman (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my Snatch): Years back, during a scene, I had my dominant lean in and whisper lasciviously that he could “smell my wet pussy” and I started to cry.

5 Kinky Toys from the Office Supply Store: If you’re a nerd like me, you find the idea of office supplies a little bit arousing already but Pet & I paid a recent visit with an even more focused purpose — finding the best pervertibles Staples had to offer.

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

Two Fantasies in One: The sexting progressed from just spanking and fingering to fingering both my holes, to slipping a butt plug in to punish me for being a naughty girl. By the time Tuesday came around we were both very horny and on edge to get together.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Ethics in Blogging: Ethics don’t always equal human kindness/respect for others. You can be a snarky, grumpy shit-stirrer but still be ethical. You can be sweet as pie on the outside and be unethical.

All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable ~after this point~. Thank you, and enjoy!

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Halestorm — Familiar Taste of Poison

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My latest crush, Pennsylvania’s hard core rocker Lzzy Hale from Halestorm just blows my mind. Never mind the beautiful, strong voice coupled with poignant lyrics — she’s an utter minx that makes me quiver in delight!

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It’s Sunday morning, the sunlight streaming in the front of the house through parted curtains. I dance in the living room on hard wood floors, bare-footed, twirling around and laughing to myself as my music fills the room along with the warmth from the sunlight. It feels good to be alive.

He stands in the kitchen, behind the granite counter-top, arms folded against his chest as he sips his coffee, his eyes never leaving me as I dance for him. My hands wander all over my body slowly as my hips gyrate, my shoulders rolling seductively as I lick my lips in carnal invitation. That’s all it takes for me to beckon him over as he approaches me confidently. As if to read my mind, he places his two hands on my waist as he kisses me with force. My knees buckle slightly when his tongue meets mine, the electricity already starting to swirl in my body.

“Get upstairs now,” he demands. I look at him over my shoulder with an impish grin as I walk towards the stairs, still bopping, asking him to follow me with my eyes. He takes the cue, and with one hand on my rear, follows me up the stairs to our bedroom. He pats me lightly on the bottom as he ascends, as if to let me know that ownership of such fine flesh has been temporarily transferred for now.

Once I’m in the bedroom, I lie down on the bed, my clothes still intact. I watch him strip off, each of his garments happily discarded in the corner of the room. He approaches me fully naked, his thick cock already heavy and bobbing, the tip wet with pre-cum. I sit up as he lifts the shirt from my body, his hands reaching around to remove my bra with ease. I lie back as he unbuttons my pants and rips them down my legs along with my thong. Naked, I stretch out and wriggle atop the sheets. His mouth is on me immediately, his lips traveling from breast to breast, his tongue artfully darting out to meet each hardened nipple. I moan in delight and run my hands through his hair as he continues to pleasure me, eventually making his way past my abdomen to my bare cunt. He breathes me in before going any further.

“I have a present for you today, but first things first. You remember our deal,” he declares as his tongue dips into my parted flesh. I moan loudly but he stops abruptly to reach under the bed. He pulls out two sets of brand new leather cuffs, and I gasp at the sight of them. I am already twitching with anticipation, the prickle of desire crawling over my skin, enveloping me. The idea of being strapped to the bed and fucked hard makes my cunt quiver. He secures each ankle in a cuff and then ties each securely to the opposite side of the bed. He reaches for the other set of cuffs and does the same to my hands. Within minutes, I’m vulnerable and naked on our bed, tied in four-point restraint, as promised days ago. He stands up and walks out of the room, and I moan loudly as he returns, knowing full well the contents of the box he is holding. We had been shopping online a few days ago, and our package had evidently arrived.

“Well, what do we have here,” he exclaims as he empties the contents of the box on the bed beside me. He picks up the feather tickler, running it down the length of my body as he inspects it. The lightest of touches on my skin feels delicious, my anticipation fully taking over, my cunt pulsing. He places the tickler to the side as he picks up the small black box. I smile knowingly as he removes a set of heavy metal nipple clamps, a thick chain joining the two. He doesn’t hesitate for a moment as he approaches me and applies the clamps, adjusting them until I feel heat and the zing of pain as he tugs on the chain. My body automatically shivers, giving me away as I feel my cunt starting to ache. He then stands at the base of the bed and inserts two fingers into my wetness. I writhe and pull on my restraints, and this seems to only please him further. With his free hand he picks up the tickler and starts to feather my body, focusing on my neck, my hard nipples, the inside of my thighs. He works my clitoris with his two fingers, the lightest of strokes against my flesh pushing me to the edge of orgasm.

“Oh my God, I’m going to come!” I scream as he uses the tickler over and over again on my breasts, his fingers strumming away at my swollen clitoris. My climax rips through my body as I thrash against the restraints, the pleasure pulsing from my nipples and down to my pussy and open thighs. When the waves of pleasure finally subside, I am left limp and soaking on the bed.

“That was number one,” he states as he places the feather tickler down.

“I want your cock, give it to me now,” I retort, my voice husky and desperate.

“Oh no, not yet. We’ve only just begun, remember? You promised me you’d come three times for me,” he exclaims, his excitement followed with a laugh. He picks up the black velvet pouch that had also arrived in our package, withdrawing a rose-colored glass phallus. The dildo is beautiful and smooth; it glistens in the light of the bedroom. He leaves the room and retreats to the bathroom. Moments later, I can hear the faucet running and I assume he’s heating the dildo up. My heart starts to beat loudly at the mere thought. He returns, holding up the faux cock like it’s some kind of trophy as he kneels at the base of the bed. His tongue runs over my clitoris and I open my legs further until he inserts the dildo into me. The searing heat within me feels exquisite, my cunt tightening around the glass shaft. He starts to fuck me slowly as he tongues my clitoris, the dildo slowly moving in and out, in and out of my own heat, his strokes picking up pace as my second orgasm threatens to break free.

“Oh please fuck me harder, fuck me harder! I want to come!” I squeal, his movements becoming more rapid, his breathing heavy. I start to buck and climax with the hot dildo embedded within me, his tongue swirling over my flesh, offering me no respite. I come hard and fast, panting like a wildcat. He finally withdraws the glass phallus from me and I moan, my cunt feeling temporarily vacant.

“That was number two,” he announces, the triumph in his voice crystal clear.

“Please put your cock in me. I want it…no, I need it! Don’t make me wait any longer!” I’m desperate and filled with animalistic longing. I want him to pound me into the bed, his thickness filling my every available inch. There’s no need to ask him any further as he kneels on the bed between my legs, entering me in one fluid stroke as I throw my head back and moan. He thrusts deeply into me, the chain on my chest bouncing along with my breasts, my nipples hard and throbbing, each clamp still intact. He flickers his tongue over each as he pushes into me, his cock thick and covered in my juices. He leans back and starts to fuck me even harder, pulling lightly on the chain as he does so. The pain sends pleasure throughout my entirety and I moan even louder. With one hand, he holds the chain much like a reign, and with the other he starts to rub my clitoris once again, his cock continuing to thrust in and out of me.

“Come on you dirty whore, come for me a third time!” he breathes, and that’s all it takes for my orgasm to take over. Once he knows I’m coming again, he quickly removes the clamps, taking each nipple into his mouth, rolling his tongue around each peak. The sensation is overwhelming as the blood rushes to each breast, the heat of his mouth and tongue causing me to come even harder. I pull on my restraints as he pulls my hair, my screams filling the room. He places his available hand under my buttocks, elevating me, pushing his cock into me further. I feel him start to shudder, and growling into my ear, he explodes inside of me, his thickness pulsing as my cunt clenches down on him. He wails in pure bliss as the waves of ecstasy subside.

Moments later, I’m still tethered and giggling like a schoolgirl as he strokes my hair lovingly. He frees both my hands and ankles and I automatically curl up into a ball next to him, my head on his chest as my hands wander through his chest hair. I laugh to myself. I’m totally content and spent when the epiphany hits me.

Who needs a muse when you have a lover like this?

Not me.