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VibeReview – Bondage Tape

Posted in Sex Toy Reviews with tags on November 22, 2008 by naughtysecretary


With both of my feet resting on his shoulder, he continued to wrap the tape around my ankles over, over, and over again. When finished, he flashed me his devilish signature grin, making sure I was secured to his liking, my arse wriggling in confirmation. He ran his hands down the backs of my legs slowly, slipping a finger, then two, into my wetness. He pushed forward, his body on top of mine, my legs in the air as he slipped his cock between my inner thighs. He ran his length teasingly over my cleft, nudging at my already engorged clitoris. It wasn’t long before I was begging him to enter me, to fuck me, to fill me with his every inch, and when he did, a gasp escaped my mouth as I clawed at his back in primal need…

I’ll admit, I wasn’t particularly keen on the idea of Bondage Tape to begin with. I’m a girl who likes to be restrained, but I honestly thought “Well, how much could plastic really hold me?” Boy was I wrong. This tape is strong! As some of us have found out through one unfortunate way or another, using regular tape in bedroom play is just a general no-no and guaranteed to bring you nothing but pain. The tape is strong enough to secure, but not harsh enough to injure. No more sticky tape in your hair. Strong and pain free: now that sounds like a perfect combination to me.

The tape comes in a roll of 30 feet, and since the tape adheres to itself, it is completely reusable. Compared to any of the other restraining systems or products out there in kink market, none are as cheap or as effective.

Sexual versatility is the other benefit of using Bondage Tape in the bedroom. Whether you are a couple into hardcore BDSM, or the vanilla coupling looking to add some spice to your sex life, this tape can be used in both situations in a number of ways. If you look online at the customer reviews for this product, you can see just how creative some couples can get. One woman talked of being completely wrapped in the tape. Others talked about being blindfolded and gagged with it. One couple even went to the extreme of crafting a ‘tape web’ out of it. The possibilities are endless.

As far as sex toys go, the products that are affordable whilst promoting creativity are the ones that really grab my attention. This tape is both, and I would recommend it to any couple who are looking to try something new. And at that price, why not? Go take a peek!

VibeReview – Under The Bed Restraints

Posted in Sex Toy Reviews with tags on October 13, 2008 by naughtysecretary

He quickly strapped my wrists into the restraints, following with him securing each ankle. He looked over my body slowly, a primal flicker showing in his eyes, his satisfaction punctuated with a grunt. It wasn’t long before his tongue traced the most intimate folds of my cunt, his lapping opening me up with each stroke. Every time my moaning became too loud, or I pulled on the restraints, he slowed his pace, keeping me on the edge of climax, teetering on the precipice of complete pleasure. When my wriggling, my writhing, my pleas for mercy finally became too much to hear, his fingers plunged into my wetness as his tongue rolled over my clitoris, the orgasm forced out of me until I was left limp and shaking, tethered to the bed…

VibeReview’s Under The Bed Restraints will not fail to please you, whether you are a curious beginner of BDSM, or a complete master of restraint. This is the kind of sexual aid that everyone should try at least once. You may be wondering why this product comes with such quick praise, and the answer would be versatility. It’s comfortable, portable, adjustable and extremely easy to use. It doesn’t get better than that.

Attaching the restraints to your bed looks more complicated than the actual task at hand. The hardest part will be getting under your mattress, and even that isn’t too difficult. The beauty of these restraints are that they are not technically attached to any furniture at all – the system lays along the spine of the bed frame, with the two restraints folding over at top of the mattress and two at the bottom. You can position each set at either top or bottom of the bed, or use them at each side, depending on what kind of play you intend to use them for. No harm to bedroom furniture or expensive sheets can always be considered a plus.

The cuffs themselves are sturdy enough to hold, but not firm enough to injure, which I find the perfect balance. The velcro strip makes for easy capture and release. I also loved that the restraints were very easy to adjust according to height.

One of the best features of this toy is the fact that it is portable. I love that you can take this system on vacation with you, and no-one would know any better. It is easy to set up, quick to pull down, and remains hidden when necessary.

This product gets the highest marks. I can’t brag enough about how pleased I am to have Under The Bed Restraints as the newest addition to my collection. The product is simply delicious from concept through creation. I’ve used the restraints every day since set-up…

VibeReview – Silver Bullet

Posted in Sex Toy Reviews with tags on September 28, 2008 by naughtysecretary

With my legs crossed and my laptop in front of me, I slid the small smooth bullet into the crux of my pants. My fingers moved over the control, the vibrations slowly hummed their way against my clitoris, a smile encased on my face…

There are three reasons I love the VibeReview Silver Bullet: Size, versatility, and affordability. I can’t honestly praise it enough.

I would like to start with the basics of the toy. It stands at just a 2.25 inches in length and one inch in diameter. Who would have thought something so small could pack such a punch? That means you can hide it away discreetly in a handbag, the lining of your underwear, or the console of your car. Whatever situation your devious mind could conjure, this little workhorse will be up for the task, and then some. The Bullet is also small enough that you won’t overwhelm yourself with direct sensation. Some larger toys are just too intense for us girls and our sensitive lady-parts.

This leads to the second reason I adore the Bullet. I can’t brag enough about the versatility of this toy. This is what makes the Bullet a keeper. The size of the toy gives the user so many options, whether you’re playing by yourself, or with a partner. The cute slider (in the form of a heart) lets you control the intensity of vibration, a feature many toys lack. I’ve found that sometimes the toys with 2 speeds have no comfortable variation. You’ve either got feather-soft, or jack-hammer hard. Not this bad boy. The slider makes finding a comfortable sensation very easy. Its also pretty hot when playing with a partner to hand over the slide control and let the teasing begin.

You can also use this toy for either direct clitoris stimulation or G-spot arousal. When I tried this toy I used it for both, and enjoyed both sensations completely. If playing with a partner, it can also be inserted anally while you get a nice royal fucking, your man enjoying the internal sensation as much as you. Look at all the suggestions I’ve given you! I told you, it’s versatile! When using it the first time I had wicked thoughts of sliding it into my pants, threading the controller through the sleeve of my shirt and going for a walk…

Today’s market is so flooded with toys I think many of us expect a good and reliable sex toy to burn a hole in our wallets. Not this faithful baby. At this price, you may as well buy a bunch as stocking-stuffers for your girlfriends in need, and revel in the smiles your gift will provide for a while to come. When I showed my best friend the link to The Bullet, raving about it to him, his response was “At that price, you may as well buy two!” And he’s right! This product is one of the most affordable you’ll find.

Convinced yet? Go take a look! This is my favorite toy so far, and I doubt you, my loyal readers, will be disappointed.

VibeReview – The Curve

Posted in Sex Toy Reviews with tags on September 6, 2008 by naughtysecretary

I watched the lubricant slide down the length of the dildo, the clear liquid coating its slick surface and pooling at the lip of each curve. I watched him lick his own lips in anticipation, a wicked grin plastered across his young face as he slid the phallus slowly inside my already wet and waiting cunt. A long sigh escaped my mouth as he made contact with my G-spot, my back arching involuntarily in pleasure. It was then that he started to slowly lap at my clitoris, spreading my bare labia with deliberate licks, each stroke of his soft tongue bringing me closer to my own climax. It wasn’t long before he was fully suckling at my cunt, thrusting my new neon friend into the depths of me, my hands grabbing at his hair, cries escaping my lips as my orgasm exploded throughout my body…

Now, doesn’t that sound like fun to you?

Let me introduce the Curve. I’ll happily admit that I’m not normally a huge fan of faux cocks. I can’t really explain what it is that I don’t particularly care for, but I am pretty sure it has something to do with aesthetics. Just take a look at the dildos around you the next time you are in the vicinity of a sex shop, or even perusing online. They are intimidating at best; either too big, too long, too hard and awkward, or too bumpy and veiny. It’s enough to turn me off completely and send me running in the opposite direction.

Now the makers of the Curve have it right! Not only did The Fun Factory make a dildo that has the perfect shape to it, it’s not intimidating in the slightest. The proportions are perfect and actually realistic given your man is not hung like a horse. The bulbous tip of the Curve is made for G-spot stimulation. Of course the tip of the toy may also be used for external clitoral stimulation. The additional curves along the shaft only add extra pleasure to the whole experience.

The “Royal Curl” for a handle allows complete control over the depth of penetration, whether you are indulging alone or with a partner. The toy itself is made of silicone, so it’s malleable but not too flexible, much like the the real live flesh version. The silicone also warms quickly to an individual’s body temperature. It is easy to clean, and can be done so using regular soap and water or with a specific antibacterial cleaner.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the Curve, from the design and shape, even down to the packaging. I love that it comes in two very girly colors; bright pink or violet. And being a details girl myself, I was equally thrilled that it came with a sample of lubricant (just like me!) A very nice touch. This little piece of curvy magic certainly gets my thumbs up!

VibeReview – The Miracle Massager

Posted in Sex Toy Reviews with tags on August 20, 2008 by naughtysecretary

He continued to pound me from behind, the length of him filling me over and over in a quick succession of powerful thrusts. He held onto my bound hands and used them to balance himself, to center his weight and focus himself on driving deeper into me. He was a savage with me at times, hungry, angry, greedy. I gasped into the pillow, my body full of sensation and burning desire. It was at that moment he slowed his pace, and in the dark grabbed for something below the line of my body. The moment I heard the familiar hum fill the dark of the room I smiled to myself. Once again he pushed deep into me, forcing my pelvis down towards the bed, the vibrations instantly waving through my plump clitoris. I immediately started to buck, my orgasm crashing me into sensual overload, my screams muffled into my own pillow…

I think most of you would be incredibly surprised to know that up until very recently, I had no sex toys. Nothing, zero, nadda. I don’t really know how to explain that, either. So when I was asked to become a reviewer for VibeReview, I instantly jumped at the chance. The associates at VibeReview have been nothing but a pure delight to deal with. Professional, informative, and very reliable. I’m thrilled to be reviewing their products.

So I thought it wise to start with the most vanilla thing I was sent in my box of goodies. Let me introduce The Miracle Massager. The old adage goes “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Well, I’ll take the bet as a second and more affordable option, this fine piece of machinery will certainly add sparkle to any woman’s eye. In fact, as a firm endorser of this product, I believe it took me around 30 seconds to climax the first time I used it, and I have used it aplenty since that first wonderful meeting.

This two-speed massager is lightweight and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and control. The chord is a great length; not too short to hinder your usage, and not too long that you trip over it. The grooved handle allows flexibility, providing ease on the wrists. The massager itself is not incredibly loud, which can often be an annoyance when trying to be discreet. The head of the massager is made of rubber making it lubricant-friendly and easy to clean. It is curved and indented, allowing different angles for a plethora of varying clitoral stimulation. This massager has a very basic design, the purpose simple. Whether you are chasing out a crick in the neck, or chasing after a nice juicy orgasm, the Miracle Massager seems to do both with extreme efficiency, making those “hard to reach” places not so hard at all. And at a very reasonable price, that’s a whole lot of good vibration for your buck.

For those who seek further stimulation, let me introduce the Miracle Massager Attachment. It is made out of PVC and slides over the head of The Miracle Massager. This attachment focuses on providing both G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. It measures at 3 inches of length, and 1.25 inches at its widest point.

Now, I’ll admit that the attachment didn’t impress me nearly as much as the massager. For me, the wide tip of the attachment threw the whole balance of the massager off. But, I honestly think this may be a personal preference. I’d definitely recommend checking it out for yourself. At a bare minimum, the extra piece is extremely easy to clean.

So, dear readers, I implore you to take a look at The Miracle Massager. It’s a perfect starter toy, a needed staple in any sex toy adventures. You won’t regret it, I promise.