– Climax Bursts Toy Cleaner


Cleaning your sex toys just got easier with Climax Bursts Toy Cleaner. It is a water-based antibacterial gel with bursting beads and a pleasant scent. It is also vitamin E enriched for skin protection. The cleaner comes in a handy 4 oz size and the pop top on the bottle allows easy application. To clean toys, apply generously to all toy surfaces, wait 30 seconds and rinse with water. Use a clean dry cloth or paper towel to remove all moisture.

I can’t say I’ve used a wide range of toy cleaners in the past, but I liked everything about this product, including the price. It gets a thumbs up from me. It impressed me so much that I’ll be using it from now on.

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2 Responses to “ – Climax Bursts Toy Cleaner”

  1. Was just given my first sex toy, so thanks for the tip! Also, I enjoy your blog and decided to “follow”! Please stop by my blog and consider joining me and my friends, too — that way, we can keep up to date with each other!

    Luv ya,

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