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There are times when my body rebels against me and gives me away. Today was one of those days.

It hadn’t even hit midday and we were both slammed to the gills with work, a foul mood hanging in the air like a cloud in the office we shared. He sighed and twisted his hair as he looked at his computer screen, his usual antics while under pressure. I sat taut, eyes ahead, too many tasks at hand. There was no friendly banter between the two of us today; it was all business, or so I thought.

A department meeting was called at 3pm, and by that time, I was frazzled. Unable to eat lunch and my caffeine buzz expiring, I had let the grump set in. I sat in the meeting, words flying by my head as my burned brain tried to net each concept. No such luck. I was entirely spent, and judging by the tone of my boss, so was he. His charming exterior had long gone; he was to the point, terse with his instructions to each one of us. I kept my head low and nodded. After the meeting and when we were alone in our office, he addressed me directly. I noticed immediately that his voice had softened somewhat.

“I’m sorry if I’ve been out of sorts today. I had a fight with the wife last night, and all of this extra work we have isn’t helping. You’ve been a great help these last few days, and your work is outstanding, as always.”

“Thank you,” I answered, and quickly resumed with my work. I could feel him staring at me as I hurried through the paperwork bundled in my hands, and when I finally looked up, our eyes met. He smiled, more to himself than to me, turned and tended to his own work.

The next time I looked at the clock it was past 6pm, and we were the only ones left in the office. He finally looked up from his monitor.

“You should go, it’s past 6pm.” He looked ready to go home himself.

“But I have all of this work to still do,” I exclaimed, pointing to the various piles of paperwork on my desk. My glass of wine could wait, I thought to myself.

He stood up, walked past my desk, and locked the door to our office. The moment the lock clicked shut a chill immediately ran up my spine, adrenalin shooting through my belly. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as he walked behind me and gently placed each of his hands on my shoulders.

“You should go, Adrienne.” His voice was just above a whisper. It took me a few seconds to muster up the courage for a response, the scent of his cologne lingering in my nostrils, my senses already in overdrive. His hands were massaging each shoulder, and I could feel the tension immediately leaving my body under his touch.

“But I want to stay.” My voice was husky and already dripping with desire. His lightest touch had flipped the switch in me, my cunt aching with the attention he was giving. I swiveled around in my chair until I was staring at his pant fly, his erection poking through the thin material, his pre-cum already staining his trousers. I unfastened his belt, my eyes gleaming, the leather snaking through each loop to freedom. My hands found the zipper, and with the ease of a pro, I freed his bulging cock and took him straight into my waiting mouth. He moaned instantly and grabbed fistfuls of my hair as he rocked back and forth, back and forth, his hard smooth cock filling me. He continued to fuck my mouth, his gasps punctuating the air along with his thrusts. There was a moment when I was jolted with reality; I was about to fuck my boss. The notion sent a ripple of pleasure throughout my entirety as he continued to pump in between my wet lips, his head thrown back in bliss, his moans bouncing around our office. I stopped him suddenly as reality returned for a second bout, but only this time, I felt the threads of guilt and hesitation.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I heard myself say. He had a wife and kids, after all.

“The fuck we shouldn’t!” He exclaimed, and with a sweeping move, cleared the top of his mahogany desk, papers flying everywhere. He lifted me out of my chair, his hands grabbing me roughly, directing me to the desk. He then bent me over the surface of the desk, my hands in front of me, his legs in between mine, prying them apart. I was pinned by his body behind me, his erection pressing into my arse. He reached up my skirt and found my damp thong, wrenching it away from my cunt and down my legs swiftly. His hands traveled the length of my thighs as he then lifted my skirt, exposing my bare rump, grunting in approval. Suddenly, his hand came crashing down on my right arse cheek, a squeal immediately escaping me, the force of the blow pushing my forward against the desk. The second blow was much harder as his rhythm continued to grow with each stroke. By the sixth smack I was begging him to stop, his hand heavy on my skin, my nails digging into the desk, my eyes teary. He grabbed me by the arm and lifted me up so we were face to face.

“You like it rough, I can tell. Your cunt was glistening with arousal,” he stated, his eyes dark and glossy, never leaving my face. He was right, and the smile playing on my lips gave him what he was looking for. He pulled me towards him and kissed me on the mouth, his tongue meeting mine, both of his hands on my face, then my neck, then to the collar of my blouse. He pulled away from me a second time, paused, and in one swift motion, ripped my blouse in two, the pearl buttons flying through the air, some bouncing across the desk. I gasped loudly, shock plastered on my face. He threw his head back, and for the first time today, laughed loudly. He kissed me again, his hands peeling my bra away from each breast, his fingers finding my nipples. He pinched at them lightly as his tongue flickered against mine, my knees almost buckling. I wanted him to fuck me hard. No, I needed it.

“Fuck me now, please, just fuck me now!” I pleaded, my nipples exposed, my cunt quivering. I wanted him inside me. I wanted his thick cock to fill me to the brim until his heavy balls rested hotly against my flesh.

Without hesitation, he grabbed me by the waist and bent me over the desk once again, my bullet-hard nipples pressed against the cool wood, my bare arse propped up in the air invitingly, his handprints still blooming on my right cheek. In one fluid stroke he entered all of me, parting me with his searing flesh. We moaned in unison as he started to fuck me in earnest, his thick cock immediately sodden with my arousal, embedded within me. I propped myself up on two hands as he reached around to cup each breast. I instantly pushed back against him, pushing him further into me.

“God, you are glorious.” His hands ran through my hair and settled on my neck as we continued to fuck, his grip tightening with every movement. My panting only fueled him on, his length driving into me, my orgasm threatening to break through my taut body. With one hand remaining on my neck, his other reached below to my pussy, his fingers feathering my clitoris. An experienced lover, he strummed my body like an instrument, my climax inching closer and closer to the surface with every stroke.

“Oh God, I’m going to come!” I had lost all self-control.

“And I’m going to come deep, deep inside you, whore!” He held my chin up, kissing me on my neck, biting me on my shoulders as we continued to fuck furiously. I grabbed on to the edge of the desk so I could offer all of myself to him, my cunt wide open, filled, his balls slapping against my skin, his fingers still stroking my clitoris. It was then that the waves of pleasure washed over me, my cries and whimpering sending him over the edge. I felt him twitch, felt him pulse, and then felt him spurt his hot seed deeply inside me as we climaxed together. My cunt clenched down around him, milking him as he continued to shudder within me, our bodies slowly coming to a halt. After a few moments he withdrew from me, promptly zipping up his pants. I turned to face him and found him smiling.

“I don’t really know where that came from,” he stated, looking coy. I laughed.

“I do, and now I know what to expect the next time you’re overworked,” I cooed. “And luckily enough, I have some clothes in my car to remedy this,” I said, as I pointed to my torn blouse. We both laughed as he grabbed my hand, drawing me closer to him.

“Oh, I’m not nearly done with you yet. Fancy some overtime?” His cheeky wink and boyish grin sealed the deal.


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Even to this day, I still recall how loudly you screamed when you came, the imagery burned into my brain eternally…

Although sitting amongst a crowd of people at our local bar, we were in a world of our own. Time was valuable to us, every stolen moment counting. We were both married, but not to each other. We spoke our own language; a slight touch against my thigh, a wink here and there, the occasional hand grab. It was all part of the allure.

After our fill of beer, and with hormones buzzing, we decided to leave. Walking to my car, I instructed him to get into the back. He looked perplexed for a second, until he saw the look in my eyes. Seconds later we were snuggled in the backseat of my car.

“Unzip your pants,” I stated clearly, and he eagerly followed my instruction. For a moment, he looked around at his surroundings: we were parked on a side street under a street lamp in clear view should anyone pass my car and look in.

“Don’t worry, no one will see us, and if they do, they can enjoy the show.” His grin was immeasurable at my confidence. His prick was fully out, hard, pulsing, needing my immediate attention. I smiled before bending down and flickering my tongue over the head of his cock repeatedly. With my hand wrapped around the base of his shaft, I slipped my lips ever so slowly down his length until the tip of his cock was touching the back of my throat.

“Oh my God you are such a little cocksucker,” he claimed as I gently worked him with my soft mouth, back and forth, back and forth, my tongue feathering the underside of his length as he pumped in and out of my mouth rhythmically. He threw his head back, his hands finding his erect nipples. Looking up, I watched him pleasure himself whilst I gave him complete pleasure. A pang of desire swirled in my belly at the sight of him, my cunt swollen and aching and ready to be filled.

“I’m going to come soon if you keep doing that!” he exclaimed. His statement didn’t deter me, in fact, it spurred me on. I wanted complete control over this man, this moment, and took him even further into my mouth, his shaft slippery as he plunged into me. He grabbed fistfuls of my hair as pushed himself into me fully, picking up the pace and fucking my mouth harder and harder with each stroke. Knowing he was close to climaxing, I wrapped my lips around him tightly, taking his cock with full force. I felt his cock twitch, and shiver, and then felt the surge, his come exploding into my mouth and back of my throat as I happily swallowed his load. His hands clenched around my locks, pushing me down as he screamed, the remainder of his come spurting onto my tongue.

Knowing his exhibitionistic side, I had predicted this scenario wouldn’t last long, the allure of getting caught a catalyst to his personal bliss. I looked up, completely satisfied at my mischief.

“You are such a vixen. That was one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had…” He was still breathing heavily, pleasure plastered on his face. I laughed loudly at his clear satisfaction. Once recovered, he zipped himself up and we both exited the car. I kissed him on the mouth passionately, the taste of his seed still coating my tongue. We bid our adieus, and I watched him get into his vehicle before getting into mine.

“Until next time,” I whispered, my heart heavy as I drove myself home to my husband, and he his wife.


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She sits in his lap silently as she looks at the computer screen in front of her. He types as she watches, her hand buried in a pair of damp see-through white panties as she rubs her bare cunt. She wears no bra, her beautiful pink nipples pouting, her blonde hair falling just below her shoulders. Her eyes remain big and focused on the screen ahead.

I want you to take off your panties and give them to him.

She stops masturbating, stands, slips them off and hands them over to her partner. She awaits further instruction as he types that she’s done as requested. His cock is thick and large, bobbing as he types. He wears an immeasurable grin as his hands skim the keys.

She’s taken them off, and I have them in my hand. What do you want us to do next?

They patiently await their next command. When she reads what is next, she gasps.

I want her to straddle your left thigh, bare cunt to your warm skin. I want you to rub that bulging cock with her damp underwear while she rides your thigh until she comes. When she’s squealing and writhing in pleasure, then only can you come. And I want you to climax in her panties. But first things first; what does she feel like against your thigh?

He moans as he reads the last words on the screen as she starts to slide herself on his leg, her head thrown back, her gloriously slick pussy rubbing against the skin of his muscular thigh. She places both hands on his knee to steady herself as she rubs against him. She pants as she moves backwards and forwards, and he can feel her swollen cunt open further as she grinds against him. He can barely type a response.

She feels slick, and oh so wet, and soft, ready for me. She’s close to coming, I can tell by her breathing…

Good. Rub her panties against your length and tell me what that feels like.

Her moans were growing louder by the second. He rubs the diaphanous pair of panties against the smooth skin of his cock while she’s breathless next to him. His senses are going into overdrive; his partners climax inching closer, the softness of the material rubbing against his prick, the stranger’s requests fueling both of them on. His cock was twitching, pulsing in anticipation of coming. A drop of pre-cum appears at the head of his cock as he continues to work the length with the material wrapped in his hands.

It feels wonderfully smooth, I can barely type…

I want both of you to come for me, now. I want her howling and screaming as your come spurts into the delicate material you’re holding. I want both of you exhausted and spent because of me. Now it’s time.

“Come, baby, come,” he insists as she rides his leg with fury. He can feel her starting to spasm, to climax, and he feels the zing in his belly, the surge in his heavy balls, and he starts to come himself. He comes hard and insistently, the streams of seed coating her panties he’s holding. He grabs her hair and pulls it back with his left hand and she starts to squeal as her orgasm breaks free. Her fingernails dig into his leg as the waves of pleasure subside.

Finally, they both look at each other and start to laugh. Once they’ve both regained composure, they stare at the screen. Their instigator was offline.

“That’s strange, we didn’t even know if that person was male or female,” she notes.

Oceans away, I had already shut my laptop with a smile spread across my face and satisfaction swirling within me. It was now time for me to come.


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You have a delightful cunt.

The words pop up on my screen and I laugh. This one, I think to myself, this greeting I’ve heard before.

Why thank you, I respond. A few other messages pop up in the chat room I am in. Some disgust me, others I ignore, some are just downright boring. Anyone wanting to tell me how glorious my cunt is has my attention, fully. My ego enjoys the stroking, after all.

I want to spread you open with my thick fingers and gaze at you before I dominate you and make you take my hard cock deep inside you…

The pang of desire twists in my belly at the imagery. I rub my bare cunt through the thin material of my flowing dress, and I’m already wet. I’ve been waiting, like a predator, for a sexual spar, and I think I’ve just found a partner. It’s time for me to test the water along with his limits.

Oh yes? Tell me more, I beckon. If he’s eager enough he’ll take the bait.

Do you want me to put my warm manly hands around your throat as I fuck you intensely, with your legs spread wide, staring into your eyes and licking your lips and tongue fervently when the passion overwhelms me?

Hook, line, and sinker! I think to myself. He just hit all of my pressure points, my cunt quivering in anticipation with his few words.

I love a good pounding, especially one with your body taut over me, thighs pumping, my legs wrapped around you as you grab my ass, the other hand in my hair pulling my head back so you can kiss and lick my exposed neck and lips…

Do you want me to manhandle you, and treat you like a delicious little fuck toy, being both sensual and rough at the same time?

Again, he’s zeroed in on my longings while being fucked. I smile a wicked smile at the prospect that I have a worthy opponent in my hands.

Oh my God yes!

Will you surrender your glorious body to me and let me tie you up in positions that enable me to fuck you at my will, rewarding you with kisses and the taste of your pussy juices mixed with my cum, fed to you from the tip of my hard cock?

He wants to fuck my every orifice, his come mixed with my sex. The thought puts me into overdrive.

I love being tethered, I tell him.

Good. Do you like it when a man comes in your mouth after you’ve fucked him?

I love to suck cock in general, but I’m especially fond of sucking a cock coated with my own juices and arousal. I love taking a man in my mouth while I masturbate, my tongue swirling all over the tip of the shaft while my fingers plunge into my wet cunt. It makes me come hard and fast, and with you still in my mouth, you’ll be coming hard and fast down the back of my throat before long…

Oh good pet…

Shortly after that we both log off, but his imagery and words remained with me for the rest of the day, haunting me, flashing in my head randomly. This man had potential to arouse me, entice me, tweak my curiosity with just a few well-placed words. It had been a very long time since I had experienced such a thrill. He had all the makings of a new playmate, and the possibilities seemed endless, which made me swell with euphoria.


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She meets me at my local bar after a night of dancing. Under her long coat she wears the skimpiest of outfits, the material hugging her beautifully curved body. She undoes the buttons of her coat and lets me take a peek. My cunt quivers at the sight of her luscious frame.

A short while later it’s almost closing time and I’m finishing my drink. She speaks with that unmistakable accent and I find myself trembling with desire once again. She has a proposition for me.

“You know, darlin’, I have the house to myself tonight. Why don’t you come over for a cocktail?” She has a look in her eyes, one of longing, and I wonder if she sees the same in my face, too. I can’t deny such a wonderfully sexy creature. I’d be a damn fool to turn her down.

“Of course I can stop by,” I reply. She smiles one of her signature smiles and kisses me on my neck in excitement. My nipples harden instantly with her soft lips on my skin. I grab her hand and we walk down the street; it’s not long before we are inside her house fixing another beverage. We take off our coats and she hands me my drink. I can’t help but eyeball her over the rim of my glass while I take my first sip, the taste of vodka and raspberries strong on my tongue. I wonder to myself how long it will be before I’m tasting her, and as if to read my mind, she takes my drink and sets it down on the coffee table next to the sofa. With her hands on my face, our lips meet passionately.

I feel intoxicated, yet I’m not physically drunk. This is the effect she has on me every time we are near. I don’t want to just fuck this woman, I want to make love to her. I want her panting in my ear, begging me to stop yet begging for more as her nails scratch down my back. I want her screaming, completely immersed in pleasure, her pouting cunt pressed to my face as she comes over and over and over again. I want her spent and naked on the bed as the waves of pleasure slowly ripple over her and subside. I want her to know bliss, the infinite ache taking over her world as I take each moan and gasp from her with every way I know how.

I want to slowly open her up and create a utopia for her.

I reciprocate the kiss, my mouth nibbling hers, our tongues swirling together. My hands run over her shoulders and down to each breast, my thumbs lightly rubbing over each nipple. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” she whispers as she takes me by the hand and leads me up the winding staircase. Electricity surges through me, adrenalin touching each one of my senses. I know what is about to happen and can hardly believe my luck. I watch her rump sway to and fro in front of my face as we walk up the stairs and turn into the bedroom. She turns towards me, and pulls me into her, kissing me with new force. I gather she’s as hungry and as turned on as I am and I kiss her back, my hands in her hair and over her slender neck. My tongue flickers over her earlobes and she moans.

“Take off your dress,” I demand. She slowly slides each thin strap from her shoulder and pulls the dress down past her hips. Finally she’s wearing naught but her thong and her heels. I run my hands over each naked breast, down to her waist, my left hand cupping her sex through the thin material of her thong. I can feel her heat in my palm, and this makes me even more confident.

“Lie down on the bed.” She complies, and I remove each of her shoes as I kneel between her legs. I run my hands up her milky thighs until I’m caressing her hot wet mound. I mouth and suckle at her cunt through the sheer material, her moans growing louder with each moment that passes. I finally lift the material and lick her flesh to flesh, tongue to bare pussy. I insert two fingers into her slowly as I lick her clitoris, her wetness coating my fingers instantly, my digits moving in and out of her slick velvet heat. I flicker my tongue over and over her clitoris until she’s gushing in my hand, screaming as she claws at my hair and back. Her cunt tightens and spasms as she comes, her back arching, her sodden folds pressed to my lips. I can feel the ache and wetness move into my own flesh as her climax subsides. She pushes me away for recovery. I stand, remove my clothes, and fetch her strap on from the bedside drawer. She had used it on me a number of times, and now it was her turn. I step into the harness and pull it up to my waist, the back phallus bobbing as if it were live flesh in anticipation.

“Now, I’m going to fuck you until you come all over this cock. Turn over.” With my voice stern she complies once again, her divine heart-shaped arse pushed firmly up in the air. The view was enough to make me dizzy, her perfect labia sodden and ready for me. I bend over to lick her once again and bury my tongue in her, her hands and gasps trapped face down against the sheets. I insert the tip of the faux cock into her and she immediately starts to fuck back, taking the length eagerly, inch by inch. I grab her hair and slide the shaft into her fully until she’s coming again, fucking back, bucking like a wild beast. I smack her on the arse once, twice, a third time and she squeals, taking all of the length deeply. I can feel my own cunt buzzing with anticipation, begging for attention, the warm wetness coating my pussy lips. I pick up the pace and fuck her with all of my force and she comes a third time, wailing and full of pleasure. I continue to fuck her as I rub my own cunt, my own clitoris engorged and full and ready behind the black cock, my mind racing, my breath quickening. I smack her arse again as I near my own climax.

“Come for me one more time, Rosie!” I exclaim.

“I…can’t…too much, I can’t!” Her voice is dripping with desperation. I know her well enough to know she is capable of more.

I withdraw from her quickly and flip her over onto her back. I step out of the harness, and facing her feet, straddle her face. She moans into my wet pussy as I start to lick her once again. She returns the gesture with ferocity, her hands fondling my breasts as her tongue paints a path over my swollen flesh. She licks at my cleft, her tongue gliding over my clitoris as I start to writhe against her face. With my orgasm breaking free, I grip her thighs and moan into her cunt, my bare wetness against her face, her wetness against mine. My climax triggers hers and once again she is coming hard and fast. After the chorus of moans subsides, we are both left a trembling mess. I try to stand, and giggling like a teenager, I’m drunk on lust, wobbly and giddy. I bend down and kiss her wet mouth, my essence all over her face.

“That was quite a cocktail, my dear,” I purr.

“Would you like another?” she replies back without skipping a beat. Greedy girl, I think to myself, just the way I like her to be.

Greedy and intoxicated, just like me.


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Memories. They’re all I have of you. A few bright sparks in the recesses of my dark mind. On occasion they surface to taunt me. Today is such a day.

God I am so horny. I can’t wait to see you tonight. I’m going to have a hard time keeping my hands off you…

I recall our first flirtations, both of our spouses oblivious to the electric crackle in the air whenever we were together. Lust disguised as friendship, we spent much time partnered and our feelings grew. Sure, we ignored them to begin with it, but with time the ache became unbearable for both of us, our desires for the other all consuming.

I ached every time I was around you. You know I can’t get past those green eyes and red hair…

I remember the first time you touched me, the night sky growing old under the moon, me sneaking down the path and escaping to your back door. You met me, sans shirt, tattoos illuminated from the moonlight spilling through the large window. You cupped my face with your hands and kissed me, your beautifully soft lips meeting mine. At first I resisted, my knees weak, heart racing, until I could no longer hold out. I kissed you back, my mouth nibbling yours, tongues swirling in the heat of the moment. It was then you took my hand and led me downstairs to the basement.

I knew what the basement meant. I wanted every opportunity to be alone with you, to have you all to myself. Surely you knew what was going to happen once you walked down those steps with me?

Our time alone was filled to the brim with foreplay, each pleasuring the other with such precision and longing. I feel like it was yesterday, me straddling your face, my cunt warm and wet, my tongue flickering over the head of your cock. The scent of sex was heavy in the air, our lust burning through, my hips grinding against you as I came over and over again, your shaft pulsing deeply in my mouth, the taste of your come heavy on my tongue. You kissed me passionately after wards, your seed still dancing on my lips. I’ve never been so turned on as I was in that instant.

You know I also like the taste of come. I was greedy with you, wanting more from you with every second that passed…

Th fun didn’t stop there, though. Oh no. I sat you down on the couch and with my mouth on your cock once again, brought you to an immediate erection while you rubbed your nipples hard. I then lifted my skirt and slowly, oh so slowly, slid down your wonderfully thick shaft until you were completely embedded within me, throbbing once again, begging for a second climax. I came almost immediately as I felt you deep inside my heat, my clitoris rubbing against your pubic mound, my hips grinding against you until the shuddering stopped. I dismounted, and took your cock into my mouth, my own juices coating your length, the aroma of my sex all over your flesh. I teased you like this numerous times until you could no longer hold out, the chorus of your moans and gasps filling the air, your hands in my hair beckoning me to bring you to orgasm once again. I finally gave in and stood, my arse pushed out, hands firmly planted against the back of the sofa as you lifted my skirt and took my offering of flesh from behind. The searing pleasure rippled through me as you entered my pussy, a hand on each hip to steady yourself, both of us drunk on desire and filled with primal pleasure. I fucked back, my cunt wrapped around you, slick and smooth and holding you in place until you could no longer control yourself. You lifted my shirt, withdrew, and came all over my back, your hot seed spurting all over my milky white skin…

How I adore those memories. They’re so vivid I can taste you on my tongue. I want to be embedded within you right now…


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So, did you get fucked a good few times yesterday? I wondered where you disappeared to…

I did, yes. We took a trip after our lunch date and visited the local sex store…

God, I need to touch some skin. To feel it, taste it, grab it, bite it…

And to lick it. I come so hard when he licks my nipples.

I need three fingers embedded in a wet pussy and my mouth on a hard nipple right now…

Is your cock throbbing right now?

Yes, it is.


Why is that good?

Because I like you tortured.

I ought to tie you up and bring you to the brink of orgasm multiple times, until you are begging me to make you come. Then we’ll see who is tortured.

Your mean streak is showing.

Of course, you know I could never do that because I so love to hear you come…Perhaps we should venture in the opposite direction. I want to make you come until you are begging me to stop.

I like that plan. My dreams last night were dirty…I’ve been rather worked up of late.

Oh, you don’t say?

Yes. I dreamt I went down on him and he came in my mouth. He then kissed me, his tongue swirling with mine, the taste of his come on our tongues…

Wow, that’s quite a dream. Whew!

He was voracious yesterday. After lunch he dragged me upstairs, stripped me down, and had his wicked way with me. I came so hard with him licking my nipples as we pleasured ourselves, pleasured each other. He came on my back, spreading his seed over my damp skin with his hands. I love it when he does that. I adore having his essence on me after our lovemaking has ended…

My cock is rock hard right now at the thought…

Well, it didn’t end there. Of course he had to fuck me hard after I had climaxed, after he had come all over me. His shaft felt glorious inside of me, pulsing, shuddering, spurting throughout me…

I’d love to watch him take you, fuck you, make you his, all the while stroking my cock as I bear witness to your fucking. Would he let me join in, the two of us pleasuring you at the same time?

Now that’s a thought. Mmmmm…

I can see it now, him taking you from behind, plundering your sodden cunt while my cock is deep within your mouth, my fingers tweaking your nipples lightly as you moan in ecstasy, your lips wrapped tightly around my shaft.

Oh, to have two cocks at once! It’s a scenario I entertain in my head on a regular basis.

Better still: I want him to sit behind you, your legs pried apart by his, his large hands on your jaw holding your mouth open while I fuck it. Would you like that? For us to forcefully take what we want from you?

The thought has me shivering in delight…

Actually, I know what I want. I want you to sit in my lap, my cock embedded deep within your arse. I’ll hold your arms back while he fucks your cunt, the two cocks surging in and out of your body, his mouth on your nipples as you come over and over again, completely spellbound and immersed in sensation…

Oh my God. To be taken like that…